At Lorain County Community College, we care about the community – and that includes potential college applicants, current students, college alumni and the community at large.

Find a Job

Find the job search resources you need through the College Central Network. LCCC collaborates with this network and uses it for its official resume and job posting services. Local employers post jobs exclusively to LCCC where students, alumni and community residents can create an account and find a job!

Do you need to prepare for your job search? LCCC Career Services offers job search resources that will allow you to craft a personalized plan for success – to secure your dream career. You can find:

  • resume writing tips
  • cover letter writing tips
  • networking and social media strategies
  • job interview preparation tools
  • job negotiating tips
  • information about helpful workshops and events
  • volunteer opportunities to boost your resume and skills

Decision Tools and Retraining Opportunities

It’s also possible that you’re looking to do more than just prepare for and find a new job. You may want an entirely new career – and LCCC offers the career decision tools and retraining opportunities that will get you on the right path.

These include MyPlan, a free online career-planning resource for college students and adult career changers. You can register for all four assessments, found here, use the following licensed code: ZTP4UTN6

The four assessments are:

  1. Careers: contains the career database and video library
  2. Assess: discover more about your interests, values, personality and skills as a tool for career success
  3. Majors: contains the majors database, including the top ten list and what you can do with a particular major
  4. Colleges: find college rankings, a financial aid guide, information about famous alumni and more

If you discover your dream career, but need training or retraining, LCCC has the programs that can put you to work in that new career.

Workshops and Events

College alumni and community members – you are invited to attend free job search assistance workshops. Topics include:

  • job search resources
  • networking and social media strategies
  • resume writing tips/cover letter writing tips
  • interviewing strategies and more

Check the LCCC calendar to see dates and times of upcoming workshops.

Also consider the Transitions Networking Group for Business Professionals that feature short seminars on topics relevant to a successful job search, the sharing of job leads and support, and networking contacts.

Get Started Today

Our career experts are available to help you identify your career path, prepare you for job search, and help you land the job that’s right for you. 

Call today at (440) 366-4076 or email to make an appointment so we can get to work making your dreams come true.