We have great tools to help you make your career decision.  

It is estimated that the average person from the age of 16 to 64 will work over 100,000 hours or more. In today’s workforce and society, that number is rising. Choosing the right career so you can enjoy those hours.  

Whether you are just starting out, transitioning careers, jumping back into the workforce, identifying and finding a career you will love can be a challenge. Our career experts have the tools and support you need to make well-informed career decisions. 

Self Assessments with My Plan and local information on jobs and matching majors to career with Career Coach will give you a solid understanding of the careers that fit YOU. Let our career experts will connect you with the right tools and personal coaching to get you prepared to achieve your career goals.

Planning and Assessment Tools

MyPlan – Find Careers That Fit YOU

MyPlan assessment results can be used to not only learn more about talents, strengths, what you do best, jobs that fit,  but also assist  in academic decisions too like choosing a major and more.   Success starts by knowing about YOU. 

Find your best-fit career with MyPlan


Use MyPlan assessment results to find information about salary, job search and connect to majors at LCCC with CAREER COACH . What career families or pathways can be considered? Where are these pathways? What are the salaries?  What majors can you consider at LCCC?

Career Coach

Career Coach provides the most current local data on wages, employment, local job postings, and associated education and training. Career Coach connects you to academic programs at LCCC and provides the information you need to help in Career Decision process.

Learn More About Career Opportunities with Career Coach


Start With an Exploratory Major

Take some time to explore. If you aren’t sure which specific program major you want to pursue, select your exploratory major option from one of the nine academic pathways. In this model, you spend a little more time exploring courses and career opportunities within the pathway preparing to make a well-informed decision about your career path.

  Explore our Program and Career Pathways and Exploratory Majors. 

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