How Career Services Supports Faculty and Student Career Readiness

As documented in LCCC’s Vision 2025, student career readiness is the responsibility of every member of the campus community.  LCCC’s Career Services is committed to supporting student career development and promoting classroom-career connections. The team members in Career Services help to provide robust career development opportunities to our students – including individual coaching and opportunities to connect to employers. In addition to supporting individual students, Career Services collaborates with faculty members to embed career development information, resources, and assignments into their course and programs.  These collaborations benefit stakeholders by:

  • Demonstrating the link between curriculum and career, highlighting importance of classroom topics;
  • Increasing student engagement through hands-on career readiness activities/assignments; and
  • Improving student outcomes related to clarifying career goals, obtaining internships, and securing relevant, post-graduation employment.

Career Services has supported faculty in the following ways and is always willing to find new ways to integrate career development and experiential learning opportunities with faculty.


Entry-level coursework:

  • In-person or virtual demonstrations of available tools (MyPlan, CareerLink, CareerCoach, etc.)
  • Interactive discussions about the intersection of personality and interests that may influence a student choice of academic and/or career path
  • Connecting faculty with employer-presenters who explain connections between coursework and career opportunities
  • Presentations which normalize normalizing professional development for all, striving to reach every student and narrow the equity gap


Preparation for experiential learning and job search:

  • Course-embedded presentations of resume creation, interviewing skills, and job search strategies
  • Required or encouraged coaching sessions with Career Development Specialists
  • Required or encouraged resume critiques and approvals; practice interview sessions
  • Canvas-based Work Based Learning Orientation (new as of Fall 2020)


Capstone coursework:

  • Discipline and industry specific content and presentations (i.e. Social Work, Surg Tech, Nursing)
  • Required career preparation activities (resume critiques, practice interviews)
  • Connection to industry-specific employer events (IT Jobs, Health Careers, etc.)
  • Participation in the Experiential Learning Showcase, highlighting application of student learning


Coaching Sessions and Online Resources for Students

In these changing times, Career Services has enhanced its offerings to meet the new needs of those we serve – including updating its materials to recognize the ‘new normal’ and shifting industry needs. Career Services has also moved to providing individual coaching by phone and video conference to accommodate students’ remote needs. Additionally, the department has moved to Canvas-based resources for asynchronous delivery of workshops and pathway-specific materials.

Students can connect this these resources in the following ways:


How Faculty Can Support Student Career Readiness and Incorporate Intentional Career Development

Now, more than ever, students are balancing numerous commitments and stressors while pursuing their education. Strengthening connections to their academic and career paths is essential to improving student outcomes. Faculty can support positive student outcomes and career education by:  

  • Contact the Services Manager to explore classroom connections:
    Marcia Jones, mjones@lorainccc.eduor 440-366-4729
  • Embed workshops (synchronous or asynchronous) and materials (available through Canvas) into your courses
  • Connect students to a Career Development Specialist for career planning and coaching 
  • Connect students to Career Services for internship and job search assistance
  • Utilize CareerLink to connect student to local internship and employment opportunities 


We look forward to working with you and your students to help develop and advance their careers.   You can connect with our resources 24 hours a day at our website and through CareerLink.