Handshake at Lorain County Community College is your first resource to find community employment opportunities and internships.  This is a free service for students, alumni, community members, and employers to connect with one another for employment or internship purposes.    

Get Started with Handshake

Handshake is one of the leading student-centered jobs boards in the country. Over 400,000 employers, including many in our region, use Handshake to recruit current college students and recent graduates for just about any career you can imagine.

When you fill out your profile, Handshake will personalize jobs, internships, and career events based on your interests and skills.

Learn more by visiting Handshake’s Student FAQ.

  1. Handshake is free for all enrolled Lorain County Community College students as well as alumni.
  2. Handshake lets employers recruit specifically at your college. All the jobs are posted just for students, which means you aren’t competing against professionals with 5+ years of experience.
  3. Handshake has the most opportunities for students and new college grads of any job platform.
  4. Handshake will give you personalized job recommendations based on the information you provide on your profile—so you can find jobs and internships that are right for you. Recruiters are five times more likely to proactively reach out to you with job opportunities and event invitations if your profile is complete.

Watch this video about Handshake to review the value of campus to career!

Getting started is easy whether you’re using a computer, phone, or tablet.

  1. Visit the Handshake website or download the mobile app.
    (Apple App Store | Google Play)
  2. Type “Lorain County Community College” in the search bar.
  3. Log in using your LCCC Login (your @mail.lorainccc.edu email and password)

Your account is already pre-populated with information from your LCCC student account (or MyCampus account).

  1. Visit the Handshake website or download the mobile app.
    (Apple App Store | Google Play)
  2. Type “Lorain County Community College” in the search bar.
  3. Alumni- Sign up using your @mail.lorainccc.edu. This is very important as it will impact our ability to link profiles if you do not know your @mail.lorainccc.edu email please contact us at 440-366-4076.

Community Members- If you have never had a @mail.lorainccc.edu email you can use any personal email address. However, should you become an LCCC student in the future a new student account will be created.

  1. Log into Handshake, using your LCCC Login  (your @mail.lorainccc.edu email and password)
  2. If you have not activated your account you will need to complete all of the prompts to activate your account before you can schedule an appointment
  3. Click on  Career Center in the top left of the screen
  4. Click on Appointments
  5. Click Schedule a New Appointment
  6. Select the Category and the appointment type you wish to schedule. If there is a pre-appointment survey, please complete all fields.
    1. if you do not see a category that fits your needs please select Not Listed
    2. If there are no appointment times available during your available times please contact 440.366.4076 or careers@lorainccc.edu
  7. Once scheduled you will receive a notification to your email with confirmation
  1. Log into Handshake, using your LCCC Login  (your @mail.lorainccc.edu email and password)
  2. If you have not activated your account you will need to complete all of the prompts to activate your account before you can schedule an appointment
  3. Click on  your initials in a circle in the top right of the screen
  4. Click on My Documents
  5. Select the blue button “Add New Document”
  6. Once added your document will show up as pending
  7. Once a document is approved, it will be marked as “Reviewed” if a document has recommended changes it will be marked as “Changes Suggested”. In both instances, you will receive an email with comments.

**Please allow 72 hours for staff comments

Handshake’s Help Center offers tutorials and resources to help you set up, navigate, and use your Handshake profile.

Tips and Tricks

To help you make the most of Handshake, we’ve put together some links to useful blog posts, written by Handshake’s experts.

This list is just a sample of the information available to you. For even more, explore Handshake’s Blog.

  1. Activate your Handshake profile
    Go to app.joinhandshake.com, select “Lorain County Community College,” and Log in using your LCCC Login  (your @mail.lorainccc.edu email and password)
  2. Upload your resume
    When you upload your resume, Handshake will automatically fill out tons of information on your profile. Let Handshake do the work for you, rather than writing the same information all over again.
  3. Fill out your job preferences
    Let prospective employers know where you’d like to work, and what roles you’re interested in.
  4. Add experience to your profile
    What internships, volunteer work, or jobs have you held previously? Add them to your profile so prospective employers know your accomplishments.
  5. Follow five interesting employers
    Recruiters will often check who is following their companies. By following organizations you like, you can get on their radar and get alerts for new opportunities.
  6. Fill out past courses and special skills
    What past courses, current skills, and special talents are you proud of? Add them to your profile to help give prospective employers a better idea of who you are, and what you have to offer their organization.
  7. Add a headshot
    A photo helps connect your face with your name. It can be particularly useful if you connect with a recruiter at a career fair or event.
  8. Message three peers with professional experience you admire
    Use Handshake to build your network and create new connections. People who have worked at companies you’re interested in can be a great source of knowledge.
  9. Ask one question about a company, job role, or specific opportunity
    There are so many knowledgeable folks on Handshake — hit them with some of your questions about specific career paths, organizations, or opportunities.
  10. Apply to five jobs that interest you
    Now that you’re a Handshake super-user, start applying for the jobs and internships you want to land. Don’t forget to celebrate your success as a Handshake pro.

Interested in posting a job or internship opportunity for students at Lorain County Community College? Find us on Handshake.

Current Handshake users can find us listed as “Lorain County Community College”.

If you do not currently have a Handshake account, please see Handshake’s overview for new employers or the Employer Quickstart Guide video: Employer Quickstart Guide – Handshake Help Center (joinhandshake.com)

Current and future Handshake users can also connect with Lorain County Community College via this link.

Employer Guidelines

To ensure equitable and consistent service, employers must meet the following guidelines to post employment opportunities for Lorain County Community College students:

  • The employer must be affiliated with a profit corporation or business, non-profit agency, government or local municipality.
  • Job postings must be actual, current openings for internships or traditional W-2 or 1099 full- or part-time employment and pay minimum wage or above.
  • Job postings or emails must contain sufficient detail to convey clearly to the user the nature and basic requirements of the job opportunity, as well as application
  • Opportunities cannot involve multi-level marketing, a start-up fee, and other irregular arrangements or that would employ students for a private individual (i.e. babysitter, tutor, caretaker, etc.)
  • Employers recruiting at Lorain County Community College are required to follow EEO compliance and affirmative action principles in recruitment activities. Employers should consider all interested students for employment/internship opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability and shall provide reasonable accommodations upon request.
  • Lorain County Community College reserves the right to remove any posting not deemed to meet these posting standards.

Lorain County Community College reserves the right to amend, add, delete, or otherwise change these guidelines at any time, with or without notice.