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Early College Academy at Lorain High School

Early College Academy at Lorain High School (previously known as Titan College) is an exciting opportunity for Lorain students to earn college credit while still in high school through a partnership with Lorain County Community College. Students taking advantage of the program have the opportunity to graduate high school with both an associate degree and a high school diploma, free of charge. While degree earners typically start in the 9th grade, students may join the program at any time, and take advantage of customized 15 and 30 hour pathways. Students also have options to earn short-term certificates through college courses and Career and Technical Education programs. Most courses are taught right at Lorain High School, making Early College Academy incredibly convenient for students. In addition, students who successfully complete the program will automatically receive scholarship funds to finish a bachelor’s degree at Lorain County Community College through the University Partnership.


Courses at Lorain High School

  • AETC  190: Single Board Computers
  • AETC 193: Introduction to Micro Controller Robotics
  • AETC 194: Micro Controller Robotics
  • AETC 195: Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • AETC 111: Robotics/Automated Manufacturing 
  • AETC 121: Programmable Logic Controllers
  • ALHN 194: Introduction to Medical Records
  • ALHN 110: Medical Terminology
  • ALHN 118: Pharmacology For Allied Health & Nursing
  • ALHN 121: General Pathology
  • ALHN 191: Introduction to Health Information Technology
  • BIOG 115: Body Structure & Function
  • BIOG 151: General Biology
  • BIOG 152: Human Biology
  • CADD 111: Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
  • CADD 213: Introduction to Solidworks
  • CISS 121: Micro Computer Applications I
  • CHMY 155: Chemistry and Society
  • ECNM 113: Personal Finance
  • ENGL 161: College Composition I
  • ENGL 162: College Composition II
  • ENGL 255: Introduction to Fiction
  • ENGR 120: Introduction to Engineering
  • HLED 154: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation CPR
  • HLED 153: First Aid & Safety
  • HPED 265: Prevention & Care of Sport Injuries for the Sports Professional
  • HSTR 151: Civilization I
  • HSTR 152: Civilization II
  • HSTR 161: United States History I
  • HSTR 162: United States History II
  • MTHM 171: College Algebra
  • MTHM 172: Pre-Calculus
  • MTHM 168: Statistics
  • MUSC 261: Music Appreciation
  • PLSC 156: American National Government
  • PLSC 151: Comparative Politics
  • PSYH 151: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYH 251: Human Growth & Development
  • SAFE 105: OSHA General Safety (10 hr.) 
  • SDEV 102: Strategies for Creating Student Success
  • STNA 114: Nurse Aide Training (Summer)
  • TECN 111: Technical Problem Solving

*Course offerings subject to change 


Available Pathways


Contact Your Advisor

Early College Academy provides a full high school and college experience, with ongoing academic and career advising. Your advisor is:

Amanda Churchill
LCCC Main Campus (440) 366-4153
LCCC Learning Center at Lorain High School (440) 233-2302