for College Credit Plus and Credit in Escrow Programs


Age requirements

If you are a student in grade 7-12, then you may be eligible to participate in College Credit Plus! Students who are currently attending chartered or non-chartered, public or private high schools, or who are home-educated, are eligible to participate in Dual Enrollment. Students currently in the sixth grade may apply now to participate for when they are seventh graders. Home-educated students may participate in LCCC’s Dual Enrollment programs if they turn 12 years old before September 30 of the year they wish to enroll.


Notification Process

To participate in the Ohio College Credit Plus program, students need to notify their high school officials (usually a school counselor or principal) of their intent to participate by April 1 prior to the academic year that they wish to begin. School officials are then required to supply LCCC with the necessary academic information on students who are applying for participation. Home-educated students must submit both an intent to participate form and a copy of their college acceptance letter to the Department of Education by April 1.  Home-educated and nonpublic school students must complete additional steps and paperwork to participate in College Credit Plus. 

More About the Notification Process


Admission and assessment

Before final admission to College Credit Plus or Credit In Escrow, all students must apply for admission to CCP, submit their high school transcript and/or middle school report card, and complete the student/parent CCP permission slip.  Students must meet at least one statewide CCP eligibility requirement for admission at LCCC:

  • Place at college-level in at least one area from the following exams: ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, or ALEKS. 
  • Possess an unweighted, cumulative 3.0 high school GPA
  • Possess an unweighted, cumulative 2.75 high school GPA AND have an “A” or “B” in a relevant high school course (as determined by LCCC).
  • Earn an “A” or “B” in a relevant high school course (only if a student does not possess a cumulative high school GPA)

To view the eligible scores needed for admission, please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s CCP Eligibility Table.(Please note: at this time, only eligible scores are being considered.  Conditionally eligible scores do not qualify.) 

Students who wish to take certain courses requiring an assessment (English, Math, etc.)  can complete that process by taking the Accuplacer/ALEKS or submitting ACT and/or SAT scores.


More Information on Accuplacer


Ready to begin?

To get started on your admission and registration steps for College Credit Plus, please view the complete checklist.



Please don’t hesitate to contact LCCC’s School and Community Partnerships Office at (440) 366-4012 or email us at