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Learn more about earning college credit in high school with College Credit Plus. 

The MyUniversity program, a unique partnership between LCCC and area high schools, provides a pathway for high school students to the full college experience – for less! Students taking advantage of the program have the opportunity to graduate high school with both an associate degree and a high school diploma, free of charge.  College courses may be offered at your high school, but other courses will have to be taken at LCCC, online, or at one of our Learning Centers.  Students who successfully complete the program will automatically receive scholarship funds to finish a bachelor’s degree at Lorain County Community College through the University Partnership.


Get a high quality education at an incredible value.

MyUniversity is a Great Value!

MyUniversity can save students up to 80 percent of the cost of a bachelor’s degree.

The MyUniversity Advantage Additional Benefits

  • Students can earn an associate degree and high school diploma simultaneously – but have the flexibility to participate when they are ready.*
  • Students can earn bachelor’s degree by age 20 to prepare for careers in high-demand, well-paying jobs.*
  • Includes onsite and ongoing academic and career advising.
  • Enjoy full high school and college experience.

*Some pathways will likely require enrollment in additional semesters due to degree/coursework requirements, such as clinicals, licensure programs, and co-ops.


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