LCCC FlexFactor Media and Data Collection Parental Release Form

We are excited to welcome your student to the FlexFactor program at Lorain County Community College! Below you will find two consent forms, you can agree to none, one or both consent forms. If you have any questions regarding the consent form, please contact For more information on the FlexFactor program at LCCC please visit FlexFactor's webpage
  • We're excited to provide FlexFactor to your child! In order to secure funding to deliver this program to Lorain County learners, we have received several state and federal grants. There are basic data reporting requirements associated with these funds and the form below will provide your permission for the student to participate in the reporting of this work.

  • Student Name * Required
  • Select the school your student attends and is participating in the FlexFactor program at.
  • Parental Consent - Media Release Form * Required
    By signing this waiver form, as parent or legal guardian, I agree to release to FlexTech doing business as (DBA) NextFlex & Lorain County Community College all said rights to any photography or video taken in connection with FlexFactor of the minor in my care. I understand that in proceeding with said photography or video, the producer will do so in full reliance on the foregoing permission. For the minor in my care, I also release all said rights to any comments or quotes, which may be used, reproduced, modified, enhanced, rearranged, edited, deleted, juxtaposed with other materials, created derivative works, distributed, displayed, posted, uploaded, downloaded, published, performed, stored, streamed, webcasted, podcasted, broadcasted, transmitted, and exhibited in any and all media now existing or hereinafter devised (including, without limitation, in all forms of digital, wireless, and online media, as well as corporate newsletters, industry publications, and newspapers). For the minor in my care, I expressly agree to release FlexTech DBA NextFlex & Lorain County Community College, its members and agents, of any and all claims which I have or may have for invasion of privacy, defamation, or any other causes of action arising out of production, distribution, broadcast, exhibition or any other use whatsoever of photography, video or comments.
  • Parental Consent - Data Collection and Evaluation for NextFlex * Required

    FlexTech doing business as (DBA) NextFlex & Lorain County Community College is collecting information to evaluate the FlexFactor program. This information will be used together with other state employment and education records to assess the performance of the program in supporting students’ learning and employment. All information provided by the student will be safeguarded using encryption security measures and not used for any purpose other than the evaluation of the FlexFactor program. The information that is collected for this evaluation will be retained in the program files by authorized evaluation partners in the performance of their duties.

    As the parent or legal guardian of a student in the program, I understand that their participation in the evaluation of the FlexFactor program is entirely voluntary. If I do not sign below, the minor in my care will not be included in the evaluation of the program. As parent or legal guardian, if I sign below, I am giving my consent for the minor in my care to participate in this evaluation.

  • Parental Consent - Data Collection and Evaluation for Ohio Manufacturing Talent Expansion Industry Supply Chain * Required

    The experiment in which you are about to participate is designed to test new strategies to meet the immediate need for production and technician workers in Ohio manufacturing companies serving the defense industry while concurrently building capacity within both industry and higher education to prepare incumbent and future workers with the advanced skills needed in an increasingly high-tech environment. Our goal is to demonstrate effective and replicable state level strategies for meeting the talent and skill needs of the nation’s defense manufacturing industry. Deep partnerships with industry inform specific tactics for engaging new talent as well as accelerating education and training of adults. The following impacts are projected across the six ecosystems throughout the state:

    • - Short Term (Year 1) - Increased engagement of defense industry employers (existing and new); Innovations in curriculum development and delivery; Alignment to industry recognized credentials; Expansion of earn and learn opportunities; FlexFactor adoption as a unified talent engagement strategy.

    • - Middle Term (Year 2) – Increased and accelerated enrollment and completion of postsecondary manufacturing programs; Increased earn and learn opportunities with defense partners; Documentation of innovations in delivery, such as competency-based, micro- credentialing, and industry-education partnerships supporting them.

    • - Long Term (Year 3 and post-grant) - System-wide strategies emerge for dissemination; Continuation of nationally relevant, transferable, and stackable curriculum; Project outcome goals achieved: 1050 individuals engaged/trained with skills that meet needs of Ohio defense industry; 3500+ students participate in FlexFactor; 200+ defense industry partners engaged.

    The project will be conducted in established or commonly accepted educational settings, that specifically involves normal educational practices that will not adversely impact students' opportunity to learn required educational content or the assessment of educators who provide instruction. This includes a goal to improve the effectiveness of instructional techniques or curricula.

    Research methods are focused on the assembly of descriptive data, such as participant counts and demographics. Tools will include a reporting template to be completed by participating organizations to provide aggregated and de-identified participant data including enrollment and completion status, and demographics.

    Please be assured that any information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence by the researcher. At no time will your name be reported along with your responses. All data will be reported in a group form only.

    Your participation in this research is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time during this study without penalty, and to remove any data that you may have contributed.

    I acknowledge that I have been informed of, and understand the nature and the purpose of this study, and I freely consent to participate. I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years of age.

  • Parent / Legal Guardian Name * Required
    Parent signature required unless student is over the age of 18.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY