FlexFactor Industry Day Workshops are hosted on site at your business and include an overview of the company, a tour of the facility and an opportunity for students to share their problem, product idea and business plan with your professionals. Industry Advisers provide students with constructive feedback and pose questions and/or additional research topics for the to students to consider. Industry Advisers may come from a variety of backgrounds including technical, business, financial, marketing & sales, commercial, and educational. The students will benefit in many ways for their experience at your facility and they will gain familiarization with industry through their interactions with you. These engagement opportunities not only serve as a chance to help their project before the final pitch and teaches students and teaches students about professional etiquette and interactions, while developing their 21st Century Skills. The time commitment is usually 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., but can be customized to accommodate our industry partners schedule.

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