What Is a FlexFactor Industry Day Workshop?

FlexFactor Industry Day Workshops are hosted on site at your business and include an overview of the company, a tour of the facility and an opportunity for students to share their problem, product idea and business plan with professionals. Industry advisors provide students with constructive feedback and pose questions and/or additional research topics for the students to consider. Industry advisors may come from a variety of backgrounds include technical, business, financial, marketing and sales, commercial and educational. The students will benefit in many ways from their experience at your facility and they will gain familiarization with industry through their interactions with you. These engagement opportunities not only serve as a chance to help students inform their product ideas, but they give students a chance to practice explaining their project before the final pitch and teaches students about professional etiquette and interactions, while developing their 21st Century Skills. The time commitment is usually 2.5 hours, generally 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., but can vary to accommodate our partners schedules.


What is a FlexFactor Final Pitch?

The Final Pitch is the culminating event of the program and represents a key pillar of the FlexFactor program; the opportunity for students to connect with members of industry, government, higher education and other sectors. Engagement with panelists during the Final Pitch helps students learn to be comfortable presenting in front of an audience, think quickly on their feet and practice professional communication. Panelists will listen to the teams final pitch and will ask thoughtful questions, provide constructive feedback and share reflective comments with the students. Panelists may ask questions around their technology, product development process, business plans and general experience in the program. The Final Pitch is a transformative experience that students can leverage to build a bright future for themselves and the presence of industry advisors is paramount to helping them do so. The time commitment for being a panelist  ranges from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the number of student teams.


Visit our FlexFactor web page to learn more, including student and industry quotes, a listing of what schools and businesses have been involved, and to view press releases.


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