The Lorain County Sacred Landmarks Initiative:

Goals of the Lorain County Sacred Landmarks Initiative

  • Research and document the history, institutional memory, architecture, aesthetic features and current uses of sacred landmarks in Lorain County.
  • Provide educational programming regarding the origins and histories of local churches and synagogues as well as the richness and diversity of Lorain County’s ecclesiastical art and architecture.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration among Lorain County’s citizens to work across boundaries and to engage people from varying fields of interest.
  • Foster economic growth and development through tourism, outreach programs and a variety of print and electronic publications.

For more information about the Lorain County Sacred Landmarks initiative, call (800) 995-5222, ext. 4590, email, or find us on Facebook

For a directory of Lorain County houses of worship, see the complete listing at Lorain County Religious Organizations.