April is Sexual Assault Awareness month.  To help raise awareness about sexual assault and other forms of intimate partner violence and provide information about the resources and services that are available for assistance, we invite you to attend the sessions listed below. 

These sessions are open to all campus community members and the public. 

Registrants will receive an email providing the link to join the session.


Student Senate Sexual Assault Awareness Open Discussion

Monday, April 12

In this session, Riley Hall, Confidential Student Advocate (Nord Center’s Sexual Assault Services), and Meg McIntyre, Manager of Community Education (Genesis House Domestic Violence Center), will be discussing their respective organizations’ resources to support survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence.  Keith Brown will discuss the resources our Title IX Coordinators can facilitate for sexual misconduct.  Attendees will also have an opportunity to pose questions to the presenters.


No Bad Victims: Support for Incarcerated Survivors

Tuesday, April 13

Marissa Jancura, PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) victim advocate (Nord Center’s Sexual Assault Services) provides advocacy services to incarcerated survivors of sexual abuse and assault. In this presentation created by Just Detention International, Marissa will help attendees understand public perceptions of sexual abuse behind bars, identify how everyday life in detention affects survivors’ healing, and explain the importance of an advocate’s role in an incarcerated survivor’s healing.


Bringing in the Bystander

Monday, April 19

In this session Keith Brown will discuss the role bystanders can play in responding to incidents of sexual misconduct.  Attendees will learn what the Bystander Effect is, the three Ds of safe intervention, and how to offer Bystander support virtually. 


Advice, Resources and Connections on and off Campus

Tuesday, April 20

In this session attendees will hear from College personnel and our external partners about the resources available to survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual misconduct as well as other areas of concern.

Attendees will learn about how the Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) can help students with access to food, counseling, financial, and other resources; the protective measures offered by the Campus Security Office; the supportive and interim measures facilitated by the College’s Title IX Coordinators; the free programs and resources available in the CARE Center; and the support, advocacy, and resources available via the Student Services Navigator, the Nord Center’s Sexual Assault Services and Genesis House Domestic Violence Center of Lorain County.  


Domestic Violence and the Destruction of a Survivor’s Social System

Wednesday, April 21

Meg McIntyre, Manager of Community Education, from the Genesis House will be using eco-mapping, a graphical representation of all the systems at play in an individual’s life, to demonstrate the destructive nature of an abusive relationship.

Attendees will see how domestic violence can affect not only a survivor’s home life but also permeate their entire life (including extended family, job, education, hobbies).  Attendees will also learn the best ways to support survivors.


Sexual Violence 101

Thursday, April 22
1 p.m.

Riley Hall is an Advocate from Sexual Assault Services within The Nord Center. She works at LCCC as the Confidential Student Advocate and provides support and education to students who have experienced sexual and/or gender-based violence.

In her Sexual Violence 101 session, Riley will discuss what sexual violence is, how it impacts our society, and what common effects and reactions are.  Riley will also provide an overview of the free and confidential services she can provide to students.  

Attendees will learn the definition of and statistics about sexual violence, common effects and reactions after sexual assault, how to respond if someone discloses to you, what consent is, and how to access services.


¡Basta Ya! (Enough is Enough)

Friday, April 23

Mari Colon and Erik Xamba Lopez, bilingual advocates at The Nord Center, will raise awareness on how to recognize, respond and refer issues of sexual violence in Lorain County’s Spanish-speaking and Latinx-identifying communities.


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