About the CTE

The CTE Executive Committee is a group of faculty devoted to assisting ALL LCCC faculty with training and professional development through:

  • planning on-campus activities related to teaching and learning,
  • sharing information about conferences and professional development opportunities related to pedagogy, and
  • exploring ways to share teaching interests and expertise with colleagues.

All faculty are encouraged to join the CTE Executive Committee.

Fall 2016 meetings are scheduled on September 19, October 17 and November 21 (the third Monday of each month) from 3 to 3:45 pm in room ILoft 111D.

 CTE Executive Committee, 2016-2017

Karin Hooks
Co-Chair, Arts & Humanities

Jewon Woo
Co-Chair, Arts & Humanities

Aimee Dickinson
Social Sciences & Human Services

Vince Granito
Social Sciences & Human Services

Iona Abraham
Arts & Humanities

Dee Gross
Arts & Humanities

Jennifer Kukis
Social Science & Human Services

Robert Kozar
Social Science & Human Services

Kathryn Dobeck
Science & Mathematics

Heather Bubnick
Science & Mathematics

Marianne Carvour 
Allied Health, Nursing, Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Kim Karshner
Arts and Humanities