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Interest in the culinary arts is booming. New restaurants open frequently, especially in the Cleveland area, which is becoming known for its diverse menus and creative chefs. All of this means that people are encouraged to learn about cooking – as a means of personal enjoyment and as a fulfilling career.

The Culinary Arts program at LCCC will prepare you to manage a commercial kitchen, but your career may also take you into catering, food service in institutional settings such as hospitals or schools, or even into on-site kitchens and bakeries in grocery stores.

In LCCC’s academic culinary programs you can earn a short-term certificate in as little as one semester, or set your sights on an associate degree. Let us help you find your pathway to a new career.    


One-Year Certificate

Kitchen Essentials

The coursework for the One-Year Certificate in Culinary Arts provides hands-on instruction in a variety of basic cooking and baking techniques. 

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Associate Degree

Associate of Applied Business in Hospitality & Tourism Management – Culinary Arts Major

This coursework expands on the Kitchen Essentials Short-Term Certificate and provides an opportunity to really understand food. From the preparation of simple dishes to the creation of international cuisine, you will learn a variety of cooking skills and techniques through intense, hands-on instruction. Emphasis is also placed on safety, sanitation, nutrition and health.

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Entrepreneurship and Management Programs

LCCC’s entrepreneurship and management programs provide opportunities for individuals to learn about and develop entrepreneurial skills. Focused on starting and running your own business, you’ll gain knowledge in finance, marketing, management, and advanced math or reasoning skills.

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