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Cooking Classes FEATURE

Cooking Classes

Bring your friends or make new ones as you learn to prepare your favorite dishes
with help from our chefs.

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Sage & Seed Ice Sculpture

Sage & Seed Restaurant

Enjoy an exquisite fine dining experience at LCCC's Sage & Seed restaurant presented by our own Culinary Arts students.

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Farmer Holding Basket

Local Farm Partners

We’re proud to partner with local farmers to bring fresh, homegrown food from their farm, to our kitchens, and to your table.

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Come Together to Cook, Eat and Learn

Food has a way of bringing us together, creating friendships and encouraging conversation.

The Culinary Arts Institute at LCCC brings you and your friends to the kitchen where you can learn, celebrate and explore shared traditions. Local families, friends and foodies of all sorts will find a different kind of adventure in our classrooms, kitchens and restaurant.

If you’re ready for a culinary adventure, stop by and put on an apron. Our team of chefs will provide all of the ingredients and expert instruction so you and your friends can learn new skills and have some fun. Come for the party and we’ll take care of the clean-up. 

If you’d rather leave the cooking to someone else, indulge in the fine cuisine prepared by our own students and chefs at Sage & Seed restaurant. Our culinary students will take great care of you from front-of-house to meal preparation as part of their capstone course.  


Turn Your Passion Into a Career

If your interest in preparing and working with food extends beyond just weekend entertainment, you may want to consider our Culinary Arts academic programs at LCCC.

Our degree and certificate programs prepare you for a career as a chef or to work in a commercial kitchen, food service industry or even hospitals and schools. 

You’ll learn a broad range of culinary and business skills from a well-rounded team of industry professionals.  

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