Fresh From Your Neighbor's Farm

We're proud to partner with our local farmers to bring fresh, homegrown food from their farm, to our kitchens, and to your table.

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s easy to forget about the importance of good nutrition. It’s also easy to compromise the quality of our food for more convenient options. The Farm-to-Table (also referred to as Farm-to-Fork) movement, a social trend gaining a lot of steam, starts with the simple concept that fresh food is best. It encourages people to seek out fresh, natural produce, meats and dairy products from their own community by engaging with local producers and farmers. Lorain County and its rich agricultural landscape provide us with an abundance of opportunity to bring these fresh, unprocessed food alternatives to our own kitchens.  

The LCCC Culinary Arts program and the Culinary Arts Institute have worked hard to cultivate valuable relationships with several local farms including produce growers, fish farmers, and livestock and dairy farmers to bring the freshest ingredients to our training kitchens as well as our student-run restaurant, Sage & Seed

This commitment to fresh, local food is embedded in the curriculum for our associate degree program where culinary students participate in a required eight-week Farm-to-Fork course focused on the use of products that comes directly from local growers. Students participate in hands-on site visits to the farms, spending a day with the growers to learn first-hand to embrace the importance of quality production and craftsmanship.  


LCCC Culinary Arts Students Hard at Work on a Local Farm

  • LCCC Culinary Student Working on Local Farm
  • LCCC Culinary Student Working on Local Farm
  • LCCC Culinary Student Working on Local Farm

These relationships with local farmers provides a us with a valuable opportunity to bring their products back from the farm to be tested and developed in our kitchens so our students can experience the exceptional flavors and recipe combinations that can be created and enjoyed. We are then able share that learning and experience by making our successful recipes available to the farms and their customers, creating an even greater opportunity for marketing the value of fresh, local food.  Many farms even pass those recipes on to their customers, providing exciting options for preparing the fresh food they receive. 

Our local farm partners include:

  • Grim Dairy Farm
  • Flynn Show Cattle
  • Lettuce Heads
  • Coleman Gardens
  • Tyler’s Farm

Partnership with Lorain County Farm Bureau

Lorain County Community College extends this deep commitment to the agricultural community by partnering with the Lorain County Farm Bureau to bring educational programming about farming and agriculture.

Learn more about LCCC/Lorain County Farm Bureau events.  

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