Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Culinary Institute?

Our institute is a valuable resource for business and industry leaders with professional development offerings, entrepreneurs with opportunities to expand their businesses and skill set, and community with occasions for personal enrichment and culinary entertainment.

Whether you are a foodie who wants hands-on instruction through entertaining cooking classes, a professional seeking to learn new skills or brush up on technique, an organization seeking team building activities, or industry looking for continuing education and certification, our Institute is the place for you.


Do you offer private cooking classes or demonstrations?

Yes! We contract with groups to do private group cooking classes and live demonstrations on-site. Contact us at (440) 366-4100 or with additional questions and pricing information.  


What should I expect when I show up for my cooking class?

Expect delicious food and fun! Most recreational courses run 2-4 hours and are filled with hands-on participation. Ingredients, tools, and instruction are all provided for you and we stock our pantries with quality local ingredients. At the end of class you will enjoy your culinary creation and take home your leftovers.


What should I wear to class?

Comfortable shoes and casual clothes are recommended. You will be on your feet and playing in ingredients for most of the class. We’ve got you covered with an apron and hat when you arrive, but make sure you wear close-toed shoes (this is required in our licensed kitchen). We preferred that you leave the high heels at home and opt for something with a non-slip bottom.


I have special needs. Can I still participate?

Absolutely!  Our facilities are handicap accessible. Just give us a quick call at (440) 366-4100 ahead of time so we can make the appropriate arrangements for you to have a fantastic experience in class.


Where do I park for my classes?

The Institute is located in the Ben and Jane Norton Culinary Arts Center on the campus of Lorain County Community College.  Utilize Parking lot 3 and 4.  If you are not familiar with our campus, please check out the Visit tab at the top of the page for more information on where we are located.


What are the facilities like?

The Norton Culinary Arts building is a dynamic facility featuring licensed kitchens, bakeshops, and production labs. Our dining room converts to the student-run restaurant, Sage & Seed. We also offer miscellaneous banquet rental spaces, state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen, and more.


How large are your classes?

Most entertainment classes have a 20 person limit, however we have been known to open up those classes for high-demand areas of interest.


Do you have a waiting list for classes?

If the cooking class you want is sold out, get on the waiting list by contacting us at (440) 366-4100.


Do you sell gift certificates?

What a great idea – a gift of fun, cooking, and eating!  Give us a call at (440) 366-4100 or email us at and we will hook you up.


How do I find out more about renting kitchen space for food production?

Pick up the phone and call us at (440) 366-4100… we are proud of our spaces and like to talk about them!


What other services are provided?

Whether you are starting a food business or growing an existing one, we can help with everything from a business plan to food production. Let’s not forget about customized training like team building and leadership team activities, customer service training, and certification programs such as Servesafe, Person-In-Charge, Tip, Ask Alcohol, and more.


Do you rent out spaces for events?

Absolutely! We have a variety of spaces that can host a diverse range of events from social to business.


If I rent a space, do I have to bring my own A/V?

Nope! Our conference rooms, banquet space, and teaching kitchen offer state of the art A/V systems to suit any events’ needs. Microphones, built in sound and projection, and full wireless connectivity are only some of the options available.


How can I book my event?

Let’s start with a quick conversation.  Call us at (440) 366-4100 so we will talk about your needs, schedule a visit, and we’ll tour you around our spaces. We’ll even help you determine what area works best for you.


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