Get Out of the Office and Into the Kitchen

Connect teamwork to success by fostering positive, productive communication and tackling problem solving. Gather your team and take advantage of our unique, custom-built, culinary-based team building exercises to break down barriers and boost morale.

A private cooking activity for your team can be a true bonding experience for your employees/business. Our chefs will help your team build stronger working relationships in the workplace as they participate in this fun, playful team bonding event. Activities are hands-on, entertaining, collaborative sessions that will help your team better communicate, delegate, and see results from their efforts – all while having a good time.

Our culinary staff will prepare an entertaining class for your team that focuses on leadership, competition and fun. Current offerings include:

Competition Café

Participants are divided into teams and assigned a restaurant style and ingredients to make one dish from a menu. Each team is responsible for creating a theoretical restaurant in the style assigned, complete with a menu, name, logo and a dish prepared from their menu.

Mystery Basket Competition

Participants are divided into two teams. Each team is given a cart with the exact same random ingredients and must prepare a meal using only the items provided. The class and chef will vote on the best dish based on creativity, presentation, utilization of product and taste.

Team Cook-Off

Participants are provided with a cart full of ingredients and must create a meal using all of the ingredients. This exercise is a great demonstration of how teams interact, practice tolerance of other working styles, and how leaders naturally emerge from the group.

Our professional chefs will help your team work together in a cohesive, positive and efficient way to create a delicious meal. Not only will your team learn cooking skills they can use in their own kitchens at home, they will learn how to effectively communicate and work together. These are important skills that will easily translate from our kitchens to your office.  Each session and objectives are customized to meet your goals, schedule and budget.

What are you waiting for? Contact a member of our team today to schedule your team or to customize your own culinary adventure. 

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