Interest in culinary arts has never been higher. Television is peppered with cooking programs and competitions. Exotic ingredients are available in local supermarkets. New restaurants open frequently, especially in the Cleveland area, which is becoming known for its diverse menus and creative chefs. All of this means that people are encouraged to learn about cooking – as a means of personal enjoyment and as a fulfilling career.

The Culinary Arts program covers food-service management, purchasing, human resources, food and beverage management, how to manage a dining room, and how to plan and market your menus. You will learn to cook contemporary, international and new world cuisine, as well as the fundamentals of baking and pastry.

You’ll be prepared to manage a commercial kitchen, but your career may also take you into catering, food service in institutional settings such as hospitals or schools, or even into on-site kitchens and bakeries in grocery stores.

The program offers a one-year certificate and an associate degree. Of course, you may choose to further your education beyond LCCC through our University Partnership or transfer programs.

Culinary Arts Program

One-Year Certificates

Kitchen Essentials    

Associate Degrees

Hospitality & Tourism Management – Culinary Arts Major