Culinary Arts – Kitchen Essentials

Short Term Technical Certificate

Curriculum Code 0034

The Short Term certificate in Culinary Arts prepares the certificate holder with the basic foundational skills required to pursue additional education in Culinary Arts or for entry level employment in various types of restaurants and food businesses. Students will learn a variety of basic cooking and baking techniques through hands-on instruction. The Culinary Arts Certificate – Kitchen Essentials  is a short-term technical certificate offered by LCCC at the Apollo Career Center – Lima, OH.

Block Scheduling: Each term is comprised of four blocks (A through D). Each block in four weeks long, Courses may be scheduled dynamically. Block scheduling may vary by campus location.

For more information about this certificate, please contact Kristian Smith at 440-366-7546 or

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Fall Semester (Term 1)
  CULN 175 Purchasing and Product Identification 3
  TRSM 118 Food Safety and Sanitation * 2
  CULN 157 Fundamentals of Food Service Production ** 3
  CULN 165 Advanced Food Service Production > 3
  BIOG 153 Basic Human Nutrition 3
Spring Semester (Term 2)
  CULN 154 Introduction to Baking and Pastry > 3
  CULN 160 Foodservice Management and Human Resources > 3
  CULN 205 Food & Beverage Cost Control > 3
  CULN 220 Contemporary Cuisine > 3
  ENGL 161 College Composition I 3
  Total Credit Hours: 29

1. > Indicates that this course has a prerequisite.
2. * ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Prep
3. ** National Restaurant Association of the American Cuinary Federation Certification Prep

Established    November 2012
Revised         November 2015
Effective       August 2016