The Maintenance Technician Short-Term Technical Certificate trains individuals to repair, troubleshoot, and maintain automated equipment commonly used in industry. There are a wide range of functions related to the control and maintenance of production, distribution and/or manufacturing conducted by automated processes. Individuals working in companies may develop and test industrial process control systems, conduct the installation and operation of such systems. They may calibrate operating systems and components along with troubleshooting for improvement and functionality of these systems. Others work with programmable logic controllers involving work with special-purpose computers to synchronize all of the technologies used for a manufacturing process.


Program Benefits

  • Short-Term 10 – 16 week programs
  • Employers Engaged in Setting Outcomes & Recruitment
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Industry-Recognized Credentials
  • Building Block to Career Pathways


Employment Outlook

Occupational Title Starting Wage Annual Job Openings
Maintenance Workers, Machinery $31,770 74
Industrial Machining Mechanic $33,130 701
Mechanical Engineering Technician $35,190 69
Electrical & Electronic Repairers Commercial & Industrial Equipment $37,070 42




  • CORE Career and Occupational Readiness Education in Manufacturing


  • Automation Maintenance Milestone

Short-Term Technical Certificate Options 

Associate of Applied Science Degree Options