Education Pathway

Do you find yourself reading stories to younger kids or organizing games for your cousins at the family picnic?  Do you feel proud when you have explained a difficult math problem to a friend and his face lights up with understanding? Maybe you loved school or found inspiration in great teachers and learning new things.

With a career in teaching, you can channel that love and passion into a classroom of your own, passing along the skills and knowledge kids need to get a great start in life.

The LCCC Education Pathway allows you to focus on early childhood education or get a jump-start on a bachelor’s degree in teacher training. You will find out how to set up and manage a classroom, design and teach inspiring lessons, and help students succeed no matter what their age, background, or learning style.

Program categories in this pathway:

Early Childhood Education

Teacher Education

Transfer Opportunities

LCCC’s Program and Career Pathways include transfer programs for Education. This ensures that much of your coursework will transfer to one of our partner universities or many other four-year colleges. Click on the categories above to learn more about transfer opportunities.