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LCCC is one of Ohio’s leading colleges delivering quality online classes. Many online students are adults who have full-time jobs and families. Distance learning is often most beneficial to students who are motivated, goal oriented, disciplined and are able to work alone. However, anyone can be a successful distance learner if they have the drive and desire to succeed. LCCC is committed to advancing creative learning opportunities: any time, any place.

Online Program

Associate of Arts Degree

LCCC’s associate of arts degree may be completed entirely online. Students can also complete an associate of arts degree by taking a combination of online, blended and on-campus classes. All modes of distance learning delivery have certain access requirements, and each instructor may have special requirements for his/her course section. If you are registering through MyCampus you can find these requirements in the notes field for that section.

Online Courses

LCCC offers approximately 300 fully online courses in many exciting fields. If you are motivated and self-directed these “Distance Learning” classes can be a convenient way to receive your education on your own time.

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To enroll, all you need is access to a computer with a full-service connection to an Internet provider. You should also have strong computer skills, including word processing, Internet, and e-mail. You can identify LCCC’s fully online courses by a “W” in the section number (e.g. W100, W660). At the start of your first online course you will have the opportunity to assess your computer skills to help determine if an online course is right for you.

Other Modes of Delivery:

Currently, LCCC offers Distance Learning classes in Online, Blended, and Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL) modes of delivery (defined below).

Blended courses 

Blended courses combine online and on-site delivery. Typically, the on-site time is 50% or less of the traditional class time, and 50% or more of the course is delivered online. These courses are distinguished by a “B” in the section number (e.g. B100, B101).

Interactive Video-Distance Learning (IVDL)

IVDL courses are traditional lecture courses taught at one site and simultaneously broadcast via two way audio and video to one or more remote sites. Students at remote sites can interact with the instructor live via audio and video during the class.

Online courses 

Delivered primarily via the Internet through the college’s learning management system. There is no required face-to-face student-instructor interaction with the exception of possible in-person orientation or on-campus testing. These courses are distinguished by a “W” in the section number (e.g. W100, W101).

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