How do I access Canvas?

Use the URL:


How do I Log into Canvas?

Students will use their MyCampus user name with the extension to log into Canvas.


The student’s password in Canvas is the same as their password in MyCampus


How do I access the Canvas Student Orientation?

The Canvas Student Orientation will appear in your Course List/Dashboard once you are logged into Canvas.


Where do I go if I need help with Canvas?

Contact Canvas – Students are able to contact Canvas 24/7 on the Canvas Support Hotline at 1-844-236-8660. 

  • Once Logged into Canvas students are able to access the Help Menu located at the bottom left corner of the page to report a problem (write a ticket) or utilize the Live Chat feature also listed on the Help
  • Students are able to view updated Canvas information, log into Canvas and see the Canvas open lab schedules on the Canvas Student Resource Page at: