• Canvas 1:
    This hands-on workshop focuses on the basics of using Canvas.  New or existing instructors will learn to:
       1. Set up global notifications
       2. Set up course navigation
       3. Upload a syllabus
       4. Add assignments to set up the gradebook
       5. Organize course content under modules
    Participants must have a Canvas account.  If possible, please bring a digital copy of your course syllabus.
  • Canvas 2:
    In this hands-on workshop, instructors will learn to:
       1. Set up online assignments (document submission, discussions and quizzes)
       2. Grade assignments using Speedgrader
       3. Set up and use the new Canvas Gradebook.
    Participants who are teaching on-campus, blended or online courses will find Canvas in this workshop
  • Canvas Update Sessions:
    As Canvas releases new updates to Canvas, the eLearning team will discuss those updates in special-topic sessions.
  • The New Canvas Gradebook
    Faculty can enable the new Canvas Gradebook on a per-course basis.  The New and improved Canvas Gradebook is more flexible and intuitive.  Instructors can filter the view by modules or assignments due dates, “nudge” students who have not submitted, and apply late and missing policies to course assignment submissions. Participants in this workshop will enable the New Gradebook in one course and learn how to navigate and adjust settings.
  • Respondus:
    Have you tried to import quiz/test questions from a document directly into Canvas?  The only option is to cut-and-paste!  Respondus software will process a document with quiz/test questions and export the questions directly into Canvas as a quiz or question bank.  Bring a digital copy of a document with quiz questions for this hands-on training.
  • SoftChalk Basics:
    SoftChalk allows instructors to create interactive activities and “lessons” that integrate with the Canvas gradebook.  In this session, participants will set up their LCCC SoftChalk Cloud account and create a Crossword Puzzle and a Drag-N-Drop activity and link it to Canvas.
  • Kaltura 1: Create Video in Canvas using Kaltura
    In this hands-on workshop, faculty participants will learn to install, capture, edit and publish video using Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder within Canvas
  • Kaltura 2: Create Interactive Video in Canvas using Kaltura
    In this hands-on workshop, faculty participants will learn to add quiz questions to an existing video by launching Kaltura’s Video Quiz Editor.  Participants will then create a scored Canvas assignment using the video quiz.
  • Accessibility Training for Word and PowerPoint:
    Join the eLearning Team for an interactive workshop on making Word and PowerPoint documents more accessible. Participants may bring example documents to transform. Generic examples will be provided for those who do not.

Mobile devices are welcome at all sessions.


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