Engineering and Manufacturing Pathway

If you have a passion for science or math and would like to find a way to use those theoretical skills to have a real and tangible impact on the world, the Engineering & Manufacturing Pathway can help. Careers in these fields require a unique mix of hands-on labor and scientific thinking. They provide a satisfying day’s work where you can see and experience the materials and structures you’ve created. And they allow you to think big and dream up solutions to everyday problems for the benefit of humanity.

Programs and majors in this pathway can lead to careers in electrical and mechanical engineering, mechatronics (or MEMS), construction, welding, traditional and alternate energies, and manufacturing. While job opportunities in these fields abound, the number of people with specialized training or degrees in this field is decreasing, meaning demand for your skills will only grow.


Program categories in this pathway:


Alternative Energy

Automation Engineering

Computers and IT


Digital Fabrication

Electric Power Utility

Electronic Engineering

Industrial Safety

Manufacturing Engineering




Transfer Opportunities

LCCC’s Program and Career Pathways include transfer programs for Engineering and Manufacturing. This ensures that much of your coursework will transfer to one of our partner universities or many other four-year colleges. Click on the categories above to learn more about transfer opportunities.