As the application of alternative energy becomes more popular, those with training in solar technology can look forward to a bright and promising career in this growing job market. Careers related to solar power are springing up around the world. The highest demand is in warmer climates, such as the southern and western parts of the United States, which received direct sunlight year round.

This degree program builds on the One-Year Certificate in Solar Technology and offers an opportunity to get into the ground floor of this growing industry.

Core courses include technical mathematics, electrical circuits, green building systems and courses in solar thermal and solar voltaic systems. Additional courses include composition, problem solving and electronic devices. Solar technicians must also be well versed in the National Electric Code.

After successfully completing this program, you will be prepared for a range of jobs that may include installing solar panels, servicing and maintaining existing panels, designing and testing solar products, or research and development of new solar technologies. With an Associate degree, employment opportunities are similar to those with a short-term certificate, but will generally have more responsibility and earn a higher wage. For even broader and more profitable opportunities, you may wish to continue your training by transferring to a four-year institution and earning a Bachelor or Master’s degree in solar technology, sustainability, or a business-related field. Solar technology also pairs well with degrees in electrical engineering or power engineering. Students who earn a Bachelor degree may work as a sustainability officer for a municipality or as a solar operations engineer, designing new solar power systems.

The growth of careers in the solar sector also presents a unique opportunity for professionals who are prepared to transition from careers in more mature or declining areas of energy technology. For example, individuals who currently work as electricians or for electric companies may be interested in adding solar power training to their resume in order to expand their job opportunities.

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