The automation industry is a branch of the electronics field and is one of the fastest-growing areas of our national and international high-technology economy. It combines the fields of electronics, electrical, and mechanics and includes the interaction and control of motors, computers, pneumatics, hydraulics and other processes used in manufacturing. The technology is applied to a wide variety of systems, such as communications and process controls.

The Automation Engineering program prepares students to work as automation and robotics engineering technologists. You’ll learn to work with robots, computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). You’ll also gain fundamental knowledge in the principles of mechanical engineering technology, electrical and electronic circuits, quality control, and research and development techniques.

Automation Engineering Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

Associate Degrees

Automation Engineering Technology – Systems Specialist

Automation Engineering Technology – Maintenance/Repair

Short-Term Certificates

Maintenance Technician


Certificate of Completion

Robotics Operator