LCCC’s mechatronics program is an exciting, job-focused program that will give you an understanding of how MEMS are designed and fabricated and prepare you to work as an entry-level technician. We’ve partnered with 80 different Northeast Ohio microelectronics companies who looking for trained workers to ensure that our classes teach you exactly what they want you to know on the job.

Building on the micro electromechanical systems one-year certificate program, this coursework will give you hands-on experience and training working at the operator level in a class-10,000 cleanroom located on college grounds. You’ll get to work with materials, equipment, protocols, and processes related to the microelectronics industry and learn theory of MEMS design, sensor and microcircuit operation, material and size constraints, microelectronic packaging, printed circuit design, manufacturing, and project management.

You may choose to continue your education by applying the credits earned in this program to the bachelor of applied science in MEMS.    

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Johnny Vanderford
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