Demand for welders is increasing in construction, manufacturing, utilities and many other industries. To meet this need and make you job-ready upon completion of your training, the program is based on occupational analyses and the needs of the maintenance and fabrication welding industries.

The program is a stand-alone, two-year, full-time program that will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a professional welding technician. As a welding technician, you’ll act as a liaison between the welding engineer and the welder. You’ll inspect welded joints to ensure company standards, national code requirements and customer job specifications are met. You’ll also assist welding engineering personnel in development and application of new and improved welding equipment, welding techniques, procedures and practices, and specifications for heat treating

Students who excel in the program may be qualified to take certain welding certification tests. You may also elect to participate in LCCC’s Work-Based Learning program where you will spend one or two semesters working in industry. During this time, you’ll earn a wage, two-to-three hours of college credit, and important work experience. If you take a calculus-based sequence of math and science courses, you may also be eligible to transfer to Ohio State University’s baccalaureate degree program in welding engineering. If transferring is your goal, you should consult an academic advisor before enrolling in the Welding program.   

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