Continuing Education

Continuing Education


In this economic recession, unemployment rates are devastating in our region.  While some people have opted to start their own businesses, others have used Lorain County Community College’s short-term continuing education offerings to get new skills to get an edge for re-employment.  LCCC is here to stimulate your career.

Marcia Jones is the Career Services Manager at LCCC.  She sees an opportunity in stimulus funding.  "There are currently stimulus dollars available to help people back to work through training," she said.  LCCC is holding orientations focused on the importance of continuing educations as it relates to the advancements of careers and so far nearly 350 people have attended.  The college is now starting to get some of these people connected to resources.

John Heck of North Ridgeville is an example.  John has a master’s degree in business administration.  He had spent over 10-years in health care management and then his company closed operations.

He came to LCCC and took advantage of our Six Sigma Training offerings and the “Make Your Layoff Payoff” program. 

Six Sigma Certification programs offer companies and individuals training that will help increase customer satisfaction, operate more efficiently and gain profitability.

Make Your Layoff Payoff  was created to provide dislocated workers with access to career information, long and short term training opportunities with an emphasis on career pathways in high growth areas like Healthcare, IT and Manufacturing.  The program also provides access to the financial resources available to aid job-seekers in updating and upgrading their skills or retraining for new careers.

Mel Hauser started a new job at Berea Printing Company in August.  Hauser participated in LCCC's "Transitions" program. "Whether attending a training class,video interview or Transitions session," said Hauser, "I always left LCCC with a lot of useful tools, helpful contacts and the encouragement to continue my search." Transitions targets the dislocated, unemployed business professional who is seeking employment.  Transitions, now in its 5th year, meets every other Monday on the LCCC campus.  Nearly 100 people attend regularly. 

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