Student Spotlight - Ivor Karabatkovic

Student Spotlight - Ivor Karabatkovic


Ivor Karabatkovic loves art.  “Every artist is different,” he said, “and all art is beautiful.”

Ivor takes pictures.  His art starts in his mind's eye and the lens of his camera makes it real.  “I love the thrill of not having any control of the environment but still having to come up with the best picture,” he said of his unique challenge as a photojournalist. Ivor has captured moments at sporting events, political rallies, concerts, the beauty of nature and much more.

Ivor is 19-years-old.  He graduated from Lakewood High School in 2007.  This is his first semester on the LCCC campus.  “I love it here,” he said.  “I am getting a great education from teachers who know their stuff and,” he said with emphasis, “they are attentive to the students and they’re accessible and those are big positives for me.”  Ivor decided to start his college education at LCCC because his brother studied computer science here before transferring to Ohio State and “he really liked his experience,” he said.

Ivor plans to take two more semesters of course work at LCCC and then transfer to Ohio University.  He will major in photojournalism.  His dream job would be as a photographer for Sports Illustrated or owning his own photo company.

He is off to a good start.  Ivor’s work is published.  The book, titled Ars Longa, Vita Brevis showcases his work.  The title is Latin and means “Art is long, Life is short.”  Ivor picked that phrase because “if you look at history,” he said, “art is revolutionary.  We can use our time to create art that can impact generations.  That is what it means to me - to make someone’s day for a long, long time.”

Ivor was born in Bosnia.  He grew up in Germany and his parents moved the family to Lakewood, Ohio when he was in the fourth grade. 

Opportunity has always played a big role in Ivor’s life.  Like the opportunity a passing moment brings to capture a memorable picture or the opportunity to earn a degree in higher education.  He recognizes not only the importance but the fragility of opportunity.  “It is what you make of it,” he said with great confidence.  Just like art and his education at LCCC.

If you are interested in taking a class in the arts at LCCC, please visit LCCC Communications and Creative Arts.  If you are interested in Ivor’s portfolio, please visit


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