Faculty Excellence Awards 2011

Faculty Excellence Awards 2011



Dorothy Johnson has been a creative, innovative and student-centered Associate Professor in the Academic Foundations Division for nine years. Ms. Johnson has demonstrated innovation in educational practices through the creation or pre and post surveys to measure math anxiety, and the development and implementation of a CD version of “Mathpardy” (Jeopardy math). Through the Learning Innovations Grant award she offered a workshop that gave students an opportunity to touch and visualize mathematics as well as take with them a set of “algebra tiles” after the completion of the workshop. Her ability to incorporate contextualized learning experience into something that is directly applicable to life skills has earned her consistently highly ranked student evaluations.  One student states, “Ms. Johnson is the best math teacher I ever had. Growing up, I never understood anything in math class, but Ms. Johnson’s way of teaching is something I understand. She did a wonderful job.”
Dorothy demonstrates her passion for enhancing student learning by continuously seeking ways to improve student success. When Lorain County Community College was formalizing the Early College High School, Dorothy, who was herself a first generation college student, was well aware that teaching this age group would present many challenges and recognized that the curriculum would be the first challenge to address.  She worked collaboratively with the high school staff, college instructors, and administration and helped to create a math curriculum that provides a solid foundation for students to successfully transition to college level math courses.  Her attention to the curriculum included selection of class materials that acknowledge the cultural and learning style diversity of the Early College Students.  She knew early on that students needed concrete experiences to which math skills can be applied.  Her sensitivity to this need led to the development of math lessons for utilization in the LCCC Fab Lab.  Her energy and enthusiasm led to a class unit that was later showcased during President Obama’s visit to the College in February 2010.

Dorothy has been called an outstanding professional educator who is extremely knowledgeable in math and is constantly exploring ways to help her students succeed.  One example of this is when she developed the Math 026 ad 027 courses but learned that the necessary textbook that aligned with our students’ needs did not exist. She realized something had to be done and suggested writing a textbook that includes all of the features our students need. In collaboration with Professor Jeff Koleno, they have now rolled out the fourth edition of the book and were informed that it will be adopted by Sinclair Community College.  Another example of her responsiveness is her redesign of math curriculum in one of the Engineering Technologies Division’s Transformation programs. The redesigned course has been successfully completed by 90% of the current cohort of students within the program.

Dorothy’s commitment to professional development for herself and for others is exemplary.  She is an active member of several state and national, discipline specific organizations/associations and has consistently demonstrated mastery in her field of study.  Dorothy enthusiastically shares her expertise and experiences from conferences with her peers, colleagues, and students. During the recent Completion By Design application and site visit process with the Gates Foundation, Dorothy’s colleagues and team members noted that she once again demonstrated her exceptional talent and that she should be recognized for all she has done to ensure student success and completion.

Dorothy Johnson is truly a professional and is very deserving of the Faculty Excellence Award.


Associate Professor Susan Paul has been part of the Lorain County Community College family for over 10 years as a dedicated and dynamic member in the Library Resource Center Division as both an Information Literacy Instruction Librarian as well as the Access Services/Reference Librarian.  She is also the Coordinator of the two Circulation Desks and the InterLibrary Loan departments of the Library.  Adding to these responsibilities, Susan teaches SDEV 101, College 101, and SDEV 102, Strategies for Creating College Success, courses as a faculty member in the Enrollment Services Division.  No matter what role, Susan approaches each with a sense of commitment to serving others.  She fosters an engaging and successful learning experience for all students with innovative teaching methods developed through her involvement as past chair of the Center for Teaching Excellence Innovative Learning Committee Project and now in her current role as coordinator of the committee.  One of her students states, “The instructor, Susan Paul, is invigorating, a breath of life in every spoken word.  She truly is an asset to the Lorain County Community College faculty but more importantly, to the students such as myself.” 

Susan’s positive attitude and keen aptitude during the addition of the Elyria Public Library system to the Mike and Barbara Bass Library  were very much evident when the Director of the Elyria Public Library appreciatively stated, “If Susan says it can be done, we know it can be done.” Susan exemplified leadership as she helped guide the move of the library from the former site to its current site. She used her excellent management style and concern for others; held numerous consultations all over campus on copyright, archives, and College ID cards; and provided critical training for her staff in library specific hardware and software. Susan’s technology skills have led to the creation of podcasts and vodcasts for Nursing students as well as numerous Library Archives LibGuides that are designed by topical content to help students with their preparation for completing research papers and oral presentations assigned by their instructors.  The LibGuides provide a comprehensive guide of resources, reference materials, sources, MLA style tips, and goals/learning outcomes for the assignment. Additionally, she has created the LCCC Library web pages for the Barbara and Mike Bass Library/Community Resource Center, LCCC Distance Learners, Video-On-Demand, InterLibrary Loan, Group Study Rooms, and Copyright information.

Ms. Paul’s drive for professional development finds her currently in pursuit of the Postsecondary Teaching Certificate from the University of Akron, a Master’s degree in Education and a Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Development, both from Cleveland State. In addition, Susan continues to keep abreast of the latest developments in LCCC campus safety and emergency responses, library services, technology, and education tools to help her better lead and motivate students and staff alike. 

Susan’s energy and upbeat attitude goes with her wherever she goes: in the classroom, in the library, or in the community. With her sense of adventure and servant leadership, Ms. Paul has shared her compassion beyond Lorain County by completing her sabbatical leave as a volunteer at the Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona.  More recently, she journeyed to Haiti for a mission trip with LCCC faculty and students and conducted an English session for the nursing students and the nurses in the hospital in Cap-Haitien. 

Susan is the consummate advocate for Lorain County Community College’s mission, vision and values. She has impressive accomplishments within the local community and within the underdeveloped areas of the world.  She is a living testimony for being LCCC Proud and we are honored to present her with the Faculty Excellence Award!


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