Introduction to Personal Fabrication Course

DFAB 111 – Intro to Personal Fabrication – 1 credit hour
This course is an introduction to personal fabrication in LCCC’s Fab Lab. Students will learn to use commercially available technologies to: conceptualize, design, develop, fabricate and test objects. The Lab features advanced computer software and contemporary tools for cutting, milling, electronics, engraving, and other processes of rapid and automated prototyping. Products and processes are typically individualized but can be developed entrepreneurially for commercial production. LCCC’s Fab Lab is modeled on Neil Gershenfeld’s Fab Labs at MIT and around the world. Its tools are easy to use by anyone with basic computer skills, imagination, and a desire to invent and make new objects using modern technology and cutting-edge processes. The Lab is designed to explore interests in graphic design, visual arts, business, computer-assisted design, physical and natural science, and mathematics, as well as well as engineering and other advanced technologies. General computer skills highly recommended. Laboratory required. (A special fee will be assessed.)

Prerequisite: None. General computer skills highly recommended.

This is a 10-week course that meets only once per week.

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