College Administrators

Executive Staff

Dr. Marcia Ballinger
(440) 366-4050
Jocelyn Wieser
Executive Associate/Board Liaison
President’s Office
Dr. Jonathan Dryden
Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Partnership
(440) 366-4052
Carol Gill
Executive Assistant for Provost
Ms. Tracy A. Green
Vice President, Strategic and Institutional Development
(440) 366-4073
Kristin Marsalek
Executive Assistant for VP Strategic & Institutional Development
Dr. Marisa Vernon White
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services
(440) 366-7622
Meghan Cvetic-Ferraro
Executive Assistant
Mr. Jonathan Volpe
Vice President of Administrative Services/Treasurer
(440) 366-4051
Annalisa Longo
Manager of Projects