Bike Award Recipients


Awarded March 10, 2017


Recipient’s Name

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Jamesha Amerson

Allied Health/Nursing and Health, Physical Education and Recreation Division

Jamesha Amerson (center) - Pictured with John Myers and Dr. Ballinger
Jamesha Amerson (center) – Pictured with John Myers and Dr. Ballinger

Jamesha went out of her way to walk a frustrated ITT Nursing student to the University Center office after the student had wandered the campus for more than 30 minutes trying to find Professor Berman’s office.

Instead of risking the chance that the student would get lost again by just pointing her in the direction of the UC building, Jamesha chose to personally escort the student to the UC building. This extra step helped turn a frustrating situation into a positive experience.

Hope Moon

Kelly Gruscinski

Accessibility Services and Social Sciences and Human Services

Kelly Gruscinski
Kelly Gruscinski

A student was in our office for an appointment with Kelly, and mentioned that he was low on food. In fact, he had not eaten anything in two days. Kelly gave him some food she had in her office, and then asked if it would be okay if she bought him a meal. He agreed to this, and she bought him lunch from the Marketplace. Kelly let this student know how much she cared about him and his overall wellbeing.

Kirsten Wall

Dorothy Dolman Johnson

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services; Science and Mathematics Division

Dorothy Dolman Johnson
Dorothy Dolman Johnson (left) – Pictured with Dr. Ballinger

Last spring I attended the Adjunct Faculty Symposium at LCCC.  One of the speakers, Dorothy Dolman Johnson, provided a presentation and materials that greatly influenced the way I teach classes.  Ms. Johnson provided a variety of group inclusion techniques for building team learning in the classroom.  I implemented the ideas in two of my classes using her group teamwork ideas. Yesterday, while leaving class, I encountered a group of students from the previous semester who told me that they have developed friendships and remain in contact on account of the team activities which afforded them an opportunity to meet and work with other students.  They told me that this was the first time they had met and developed friendships with other students.   In a commuter school it is often difficult to meet other students.  The techniques that Ms. Johnson demonstrated allowed these relationships to develop.  I’m sure Ms. Johnson doesn’t even know the impact of her presentation that day.  However, I hope that I can, at least, thank her in at least a small way for improving both the academic and social lives of students on campus.  –

– Audrey Forrest

Sarah Nau

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Sarah Nau
Sarah Nau (center) – Pictured with Stephanie Sutton and Dr. Ballinger

I received a phone call today from a parent that took the time to find out who Sarah’s supervisor is to ensure that she was acknowledged for her kindness in going the extra mile. The parent detailed how very helpful Sarah Nau was to her and her child in explaining the somewhat complicated financial aid process and how much she appreciated the good service that Sarah provided.

– Stephanie Sutton


Richard Saplak

Midpoint Campus Center

Richard Saplak
Richard Saplak (center) – Pictured with Lena Knight and Dr. Ballinger

At the same time that I had heard the great story of Espy giving a bike to a student, Rich did the same thing.  The student had lost their transportation and Rich had a bike that his grown kids no longer used, so he brought it in and gave it to this student.  Rich also lends books, that he or his children have kept, to students who have not been able purchase them.  He has given students money for a snack when they are hungry.  He has brought in clothes that his kids do not wear anymore for students.  It is just not a single act that Rich should be recognized for – but for always going above and his continued kindness towards our students.

– Lena Knight

Spaghetti Dinner Benefit

Krista O’Neill, Nancy Mowrey, Kionna McIntosh-Pharms, Melissa Berens, Melynda Coleman-Robinson, Saundra Daniels, Sarah Hudson and Janet Nowak

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services 

(Left to right) Krista O’Neill, Nancy Mowrey, Kionna McIntosh-Pharms, Melissa Berens, Dr. Marcia Ballinger, Melynda Coleman-Robinson, Saundra Daniels, Sarah Hudson  (Not pictured: Janet Nowak)


There has been a real teamwork atmosphere in our division which has been evident in how our whole division came together to raise over $6,000 for three of our own LCCC family members who have been impacted by cancer.  This effort was spearheaded by a small committee that organized ticket sales, basket donations (we had over 30 baskets), volunteer coordination and cooking dinner and serving over 240 people.   Everyone came together for this cause by either volunteering or attending the dinner.   It was a life-affirming and amazing day and when people work together on something like this the bonds of camaraderie flow over into the daily work and how we work together.   This momentum continued after Nora Burkholder fell and broke her pelvis.  Melissa Berens got the troops into action and now we have an extensive meal chart as well as strong financial donations for carrying out meals and groceries.  We have an awesome and caring team in our division who are not only passionate about helping our students but genuinely care for each other. 

Espy Correa


Awarded at Spring Convocation 2017

Esperanza Correa 

Espy is a Student Success Coach at LCCC. After hearing that Nacho, an LCCC student, was planning to walk a great distance to and from work and school each day, Espy gave him a bike that she had planned to sell. Espy became a game-changer for Nacho by removing a barrier to his success with her own generosity.

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