Awarded March 2018


Brandon Brown

Campus Security

Multiple nominations from Campus Security:

On October 2, Brandon was in DEC and saw a man leaning over and gasping for air. Brandon immediately called LifeCare and the man was transported to EMH/UH of Elyria. I went to visit him at the hospital yesterday and he wasn’t doing very well but did seem to be improving. The man, who we have known for many years, struggles with health problems and always comes to work, even when he is sick. Brandon really did help save his life. I know that it’s our job to call if we run into anything like this, but I just feel that Brandon should be recognized in some type of way for his actions. Thank you. – Sam Aponte

On October 2 while making his rounds, Campus Security Officer Brandon Brown came across a man who was slumped over and having difficulty breathing. Brown recognized the man was in serious distress and initiated emergency services. The man was transported by LifeCare and admitted to the ICU. Without Officer Brown’s quick response and recognition of the severity of the man’s symptoms, this situation could have had dire consequences. We are so grateful for Officer Brown’s actions, with the assistance of Campus Security Officer Sal Gattarello. – Christina Neidert McKay


Brett Diederich

Library/Learning Resource Center

The reason I think Brett deserves this BIKE award is his exceptionally outstanding customer service in the Library and other computer labs, Also, he is always one to step it up when needed. One example: I had a setback when I broke my knee in January. Brett says, “what can I do for you that will help you out?” He worked with me and Mary Gill, our administrative associate, over the phone to do what was needed to get the labs open and running for the spring semester. Thank you, Brett! You deserve this BIKE award!

Nominated by: Eileen Keener


Rochelle Fairley

Student Life

Rochelle coordinated a list of over 145 volunteers to help provide a wonderful Thanksgiving meal to over 750 individuals at our annual Thanksgiving dinner held at the college and sponsored through Student Life where Rochelle works as an administrative assistant. Her organizational skills and heart to see others have a memorable holiday meal in the true spirit of a community that cares made for a wonderful event for our students and other community members. I know from speaking with Rochelle that for many individuals that event was their one Thanksgiving meal. It is hard to imagine all that really went into that event, but I do know from the shared smiles and laughter and volunteerism it reflected community in one of the best ways ever. That takes a lot of coordination! Thanks, Rochelle!

Nominated by: Jody Haserodt


Patrick Frankiewicz

Physical Plant

Multiple nominations from the Childrens Learning Center:

“Mr.Pat” and the Physical plant team have been precise and quick to repair items in our classrooms. He is friendly, personable, and works to completely finish the task at hand. The hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. – Lisa Carter

The children in my classroom are ages 3-4 years old and they are just “Wild” about Mr. Pat. Anytime the children see him on campus they say, “HI MR. PAT!!” with such enthusiasm, you would have thought he gave them a huge present. Mr. Pat acknowledges my students in a way that makes each one feels special. This example brought tears to my eyes: Last year our friend Grayson who has down syndrome became interested in “fixing” things around my classroom. I gave him our preschool tool kit and he was happy as a lark . When Mr. Pat came into the classroom to fix my water foundation, Grayson jumped on the opportunity to help. Pat was so very kind and thoughtful to Grayson as he took the time to show him how to fix the water fountain. Grayson took out his tools and Pat took out his tools and they both worked on the water fountain together. Pat was so patient with Grayson as he told him the name of the tools and how it will help fix the fountain. Pat could have easily just fixed the fountain, but instead he validated Grayson’s need to help. When Grayson played with the doll house he would look for the Mr. Pat doll that has a tool box and would fix things in the doll house. – Amy-Jo West

He always takes time listening to our little friends’ chatter with a smile when he comes to work on things in our building. He always talks with them and explains what he is doing, even if he has to explain it twelve times, he even lets them “help.” At different times he stops by on his way to somewhere else to say “hi.” He has taken one friend as his wingman who has special needs and that friend still asks about his friend Mr. Pat, even though they are no longer attending here. Mr. Pat has a heart as big as the solar system, my friends’ quote. – Jean Gross 

“Mr. Pat” goes out of his way to acknowledge the littlest of our LCCC students. Our program tends to incur many Physical Plant necessities and “Mr. Pat” will take the time to include the children, whenever appropriate. For example, while fixing a sink, Pat will typically draw quite an audience of children. He’ll block off the area, but still allow for them to see as he explains the tools he’s using and why. Also, ever since the toddler age, one particular child with special needs took an extra liking to Pat’s tool belt, tools and handyman style. Pat provided the caring attention and positive example for his little buddy to emulate as he would free-play throughout the day. The teachers would even use “Mr. Pat” as incentive for new tasks by saying, “Give it a try and we’ll tell Mr. Pat all about it when we see him!” This particular child left us for Kindergarten and recently stopped by and was thrilled to see “Mr. Pat” during the visit. To top it off, Pat also created an airplane that hangs in our entrance-way to greet all those who enter the building. These are just a few reasons Pat deserves the BIKE award for going above and beyond for our littles over at the Children’s Learning Center! – Lynette Brausch 

As he is known around the Children’s Learning Center, Mr. Pat always has a smile for the children and goes above and beyond to help us whenever we need him. One particular preschooler became quite fond of Mr. Pat, and became his “helper” whenever he came to fix something. Mr. Pat has always been patient with the children, and answers all kinds of questions they have for him. It is very common to find a group of children watching him work in whatever classroom he might be in. – Katie Noles


Sun Jamerson

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Sun Jamerson works behind the scenes to remove obstacles that can make it more difficult for students to achieve their academic and career goals. Sun has played an important leadership role at the state level to make the system of transferring credit between Ohio’s public colleges and universities more effective. On January 26, 2018 we received a letter from Chancellor John Carey acknowledging the leadership Sun provided in standardizing the way institutions report course credit awarded, as it applies to all statewide credit transfer initiatives. Sun was one of two consultants recruited by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to lead the work in this area. Standardizing the way credit is reported across the state will make it easier for students to transfer their credit from LCCC to one of our state’s public 4-year institutions. Her work serves the goal of improving bachelor’s degree attainment not only in Lorain county but state-wide. It is important to recognize the important work that goes on behind the scenes to support student success and we are honored to have talented leaders like Sun sharing their expertise at a high level and receiving recognition for it. Thank you, Sun, for the difference you make for our students!

Nominated by:  Jonathan Dryden


Eileen Keener

Library/Learning Resource Center

Eileen Keener is the e-Learning lab manager who goes above and beyond in all that she does. She maintains and promotes excellence in the three computer labs at Lorain County Community College, the main library, and each of the branch campus lab facilities. In early January 2017, Eileen suffered a broken patella, and just short of two weeks post-surgery she was already working from home the best that she could, coordinating and entrusting a variety of her on campus duties to lab assistants such as myself. This shows her teaching and dauntless nature. She treats all co-workers and her employees as equals, and expects the best from all of us which we are happy to give. Ms. Keener is one of the best managers that I have had the pleasure to work with and for. Her patience is greatly appreciated, especially by me as I can be exhausting at some times. However, we have a fun work environment, and it has a sense of home and that is all due to Eileen. Her leadership and kindness embodied what the BIKE Award stands for, and she is most deserving of the honor.

Nominated by: Brett Diederich


Donald Lucas

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services – Veterans Office

Donald, and his Marine Corps. motorcycle club – the “Leathernecks Nation MC” – donated 24 bicycles and more than three full boxes of toys to the Toys-for-Tots program this year (2017). They also donated around $2,000 worth of toys to the program last year (2016). As president of the Leathernecks Nation MC, Donald has gone above and beyond anything that could have been expected to help underprivileged families in Lorain County have a wonderful holiday. Without their contributions, there could have been many children waking up this year on Christmas morning with nothing under the tree.

Nominated by: Michael Weston


Gina Maxwell

Health and Wellness Sciences

On December 11, 2017, Gina Maxwell went out of her way to help me. I needed an office space to hold an important meeting. Because it was the week of finals, the database for reserving rooms was not updating correctly and showing the wrong information. It wasn’t until shortly before the meeting that I was notified the room I had reserved was unavailable. I called Gina to see if there was any availability in her building, but everything was booked. Their office was supposed to have a meeting in their board room, but she was so kind and generous to move it so that I could have the space. She moved the pieces of the puzzle together and really helped me out when I needed it. I was so grateful that she went above and beyond to help!

Nominated by: Taryn Taylor


Tony Medina

Campus Security

Multiple nominations from Campus Security and HPER

In January, campus closed for part of the day due to terrible weather. After leaving campus, I realized I had lost a set of keys. I called Campus Security and Tony answered. He went above and beyond to help locate them. He visited everywhere I had been that day, even to the freezing parking lot. He also called a staff member that had been in Security earlier that day to check with them. Afterwards, he called to inform me of his progress and then proceeded to tell me “happy birthday” because he noticed the birthday sign in our office when searching for my keys. He couldn’t have been more kind or helpful! – Taryn Taylor 

Officer Anthony Medina presented to a group of health care professionals on safety and security in their workplace. Faculty member Michelle Yuhasz requested someone from our office present and Officer Medina volunteered to take on this initiative. Ms. Yuhasz’s email: “Hi Ken,Keith and Tony, I cannot say enough good things about Tony Medina. He did a fantastic presentation for our Symposium at my request. It was over Safety and Security for the Healthcare Worker. He showed up early, looked so professional and did a great job presenting topics relative to my audience. Tony is an excellent employee and even more than that he is a good person. LCCC is so fortunate to have such a great employee, he is an asset to our organization. Make sure you give him a raise!!!! Thank you again!” Officer Medina has received multiple compliments for his professionalism on campus from both faculty, staff, and students. Officer is a great representative of the Campus Security department and Lorain County Community College. Thank you. – Ken Collins

Desmond Mitchell

Arts and Humanities division

I have a slight learning disability and Mr. Mitchell has been such an incredible teacher helping me understand things better and giving me the time I really need to complete assignments. If I mess up on a paper, he takes the time out to explain what I have done that can be corrected next time. I know that’s what teachers do but I feel like he really cares about his students and about his job. He says “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.” I can say Desmond Mitchell loves what he does and really wants to see his students succeed. I really appreciate that this is a rough world and even one person showing you they care makes everything better. I truly think this teacher should get this award. He is an incredible teacher.

Nominated by: Loretta Smith (Student)


Rosemary Schestag

Office of the Vice President for Learner and Academic Services/Provost

Rosemary Schestag is truly a Barrier Buster for our students. Rosemary is one of those on this campus who work hard behind the scenes to help make students’ lives easier by removing barriers to their success. Rosemary coordinates our annual catalog update but recently she has led our transition to an online catalog system, LeepFrog, that makes our catalog easier to manage and makes it more accessible to our faculty and our students. The work has been a heavy lift and she has worked long hours to help make the transition a smooth one. Rosemary also works with our faculty to assure our courses comply with state requirements regarding Transfer Assurance Guides and Career Technical Assurance Guides. This past fall we sent ODHE a record number of TAG submissions and we learned in January at an Ohio Department of Higher Education convening that LCCC leads the state in CTAG compliance, that’s among all 2 year and 4 year colleges. We’re 21 percentage points above the state average. TAGs and CTAGs Empower students by removing barriers to transfer, assuring that student credit transfers appropriately. Rosemary works tirelessly behind the scenes to help our faculty submit the forms necessary for Ohio Department of Higher Ed approval. She is recognized by the staff at ODHE as a champion of student transfer. We and our students are lucky to having her working on our behalf. Rosemary is truly deserving of the BIKE award.

Nominated by: Jonathan Dryden


Rebecca Schlather

Health and Wellness Sciences division

Rebecca Schlather has worked for many years supporting the special Olympic Hoops at LCCC. She has designed first aide boxes with supplies that are specific to the needs of the event. She has organized staffing for four days of events , provided nursing care and cheered for the players! She does all of these things each year and more. I feel that her efforts deserve a BIKE award. Her works and efforts should make us all LCCC proud!

Nominated by: Mary Grady


Regan Silvestri

Science and Math division

Regan Silvestri is a multi-talented instructor and motivator. Regan has been wowing school children with his one-man show “Magical Science!” since 2009. In fact he’s reached nearly 20,000 students in more than 150 locations throughout Northeast Ohio. Now he is taking his show to every student in the Elyria City School district thanks to grant funding he secured in November from the LCCC Foundation and the American Chemical Society. For his efforts to spread the ‘magic’ of science he was awarded the 2017 Recognition Award from the Microscopy Society of Northeast Ohio. He has also been invited to deliver the science magic show as the featured keynote presentation at the Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers Annual Fall Conference at John Carroll University in November. Now to be sure, there is no ‘magic’ in his show – it’s all science. But with the illusion of magic Regan leads his willing audiences far enough down the path that they start to think about how he did his ‘trick’ and they begin to figure out the science behind it for themselves. Regan’s energy and creativity in bringing science to as many students as possible in our communities illustrates how dedicated he is to teaching and exposing young minds to the world of science that is all around us.

Nominated by: Dr. Marcia Ballinger


Deanna Strauss

School and Community Partnerships

I just had to write you tonight and shout-out the outstanding work of Deanna Strauss. She has worked with me throughout the late evening hours to complete our CTE-26 application to start middle school programs and to add a new high school program. Her efforts to work the midnight-oil will make a difference in hundreds of children’s education next year as our middle school students will have their first-ever opportunity for a career tech course and more choices at the high school. Thank you Deanna for serving our community with passion!

Nominated by: Edward Weber, Superintendent of Wellington Exempted Village Schools


Steve Clutter, Chris Coleman, Nate Neeland, Molly Ryan, Theresa Sullinger

Information Systems and Services

Members of this group came in over the Thanksgiving holiday break to power off all of the network, phone equipment and UPS’s in the campus buildings prior to the campus power shut down. This is a necessary process to ensure the network equipment survives the power outages and related electrical surges. While everyone else was home or traveling for Thanksgiving, this group of dedicated employees was busy ensuring the network infrastructure would still work on Monday morning after the break.

There was a Wednesday night team:  Steve Clutter, Nate Neeland and Theresa Sullinger, and a Sunday morning team: Molly Ryan and Chris Coleman.

The Wednesday night team started at 11 p.m. powering down the network infrastructure and the Sunday morning team powered up the infrastructure and fixed any problems that occurred during the power-on process. A couple of these team members also came in multiple times to either swap out backup tapes or be here for fuel delivery to ensure the college data center generators kept running through the Thanksgiving break to provide external access to things like PeopleSoft and Canvas. These tasks are invisible to the campus community and I think they are worth recognizing the above-and-beyond effort the employees put in over a holiday break.

Nominated by: Don Huffman


Kirsten Wall and Gretchen Wysocki

Accessibility Services 

Kirsten Wall and Gretchen Wysocki of Accessibility Services both deserve a shout out for their many acts of kindness toward our students and their exceptional professionalism as Staff Assistants. They are amazing team members who anticipate what a student or other team member might need and then they proactively work to make that happen. On multiple occasions they have gone out of their way to help a student. Most recently, Kirsten helped a student in a wheelchair with an especially challenging need. Gretchen helped another student find a better way to approach her testing so that the physical demands would be more diminished and the student could better focus on “showing what she knows”. Last week when they heard about a student having a bad day, they both took the initiative to help the student have a better day. Students have commented that they feel this office is a safe and positive place to be. Often the first faces the students see when they come in the door are either Kirsten’s or Gretchen’s. They make such a positive difference for students!

Nominated by: Jody Haserodt


Awarded October, 2017

BIKE Award Recipients, October, 2017


Cynthia Arredondo

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Cynthia goes above and beyond for her students on a regular basis. She has picked up her students from their homes and taken them to their scheduled appointments at the college. If it wasn’t for her, the students may not have been able to schedule courses, attend important meetings, and succeed.

-nominated by Whitney Hougland

Fred Bell

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Fred from the Enrollment Service department helped me return to the college after years of working full-time. Before I came in for a walk-in session with him, he corresponded quickly and to the point via email. I didn’t have to wait more than five minutes to see him and get my printed schedule. During my time with him, he opened my eyes to the possibility of accomplishing an associate degree and the fact I was only two courses away from completion! My goal is now to complete my associate degree this year and a certificate for computer programming next spring. 

-nominated by Connie Doman

Mike Cassidy

Information Systems and Services

Mike has rescued several of the faculty computers in Allied Health and Nursing.  He takes the extra effort to not only fix the problem but to make sure the computers are properly updated.  When the ultrasound simulator died during the last week of the summer term Mike went through extra effort to diagnose the underlying problem, reinstall the software, and test it to make sure it was working properly. One faculty member has said, “He won’t give up on the task until it’s working optimally.”  The team is very appreciative of his perseverance and expertise.

nominated by Craig Peneff

Teresa Cassidy

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

When the fire alarm sounded in Enrollment Services on August 3rd, Teresa had a student in her office. They walked outside together as the alarm went off. Jason Gibson watched Teresa continue to advise the student the entire time everyone was outside and she and the student walked back in together. He was impressed that Teresa was in advisor mode the entire time.

-nominated by Jason Gibson

Clay Dean

Campus Services

Two weeks ago when Kathleen Majoras arrived at work at 6 a.m., she heard water rushing out of the ceiling in a classroom in the PE Building. The entire room was flooded with water running out into the hallway. She had to wait for someone to come in from Physical Plant Services to shut off the main water valve. With the help of Campus Service officers, she moved large trash cans and one large trash dumpster into the classroom to catch the water pouring from the ceiling. An officer told them to keep an eye on the water situation and to empty all of the trash cans and the dumpster before they would overflow. After about 15 minutes, Clay from Campus Services came over after he just got off duty and offered to help empty the very heavy cans and dumpster.  Kathleen said she was so appreciative of his willingness to come over on his own time and assist with emptying all of that water and replacing the cans again to collect more water.   

-nominated by Kathleen Majoras

Dr. Michelle Foust

Social Sciences and Human Services Division

Dr. Foust has tremendous initiative and a desire to teach and help students in and outside of the classroom. She goes out of her way to make sure that her students learn the content of the class.  Along with her command of the subject area and her effective teaching strategies with students, she is a model of an excellent teacher.  Saida Markovic said, “Dr. Foust has worked with me every week just to make sure I could understand and practice the content of the class. Her kindness and patience are outstanding, not only with me, but with all of her students and with the rest of the faculty.”

-nominated by Saida Markovic

Carolyn Gang

Science and Mathematics Division

Carolyn Gang has been an inspiration to her students, teaching college math and providing personal tutoring after classes, even on the weekends. Her commitment to her students go far and beyond the classroom. Carolyn has demonstrated that she has more of a hands-on approach to her students. She truly represents the spirit of the Lorain County Community College by “believing” in every student, “inspiring” every student to achieve, being “kind” and considerate of each student’s needs and abilities to ensure a path of success, as well as “empowering” every student by taking action to help break down every barrier to success. 

-nominated by Kenny Glynn

Jason Gibson

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Jason went out of his way to help when Christina Neidert McKay was interested in pursuing a Certificate of Religious Studies and having difficulty throughout the entire process. Jason got the papers and not only pointed her in the right direction, but gave her step by step instructions on what to do, what papers to submit, how to follow up, and even wrote up a draft of what she could say to get assistance. This was such an enormous help. Christina said “Even though I work at the college, I was unfamiliar with this process, and frankly, intimidated.  Jason really went out of his way to help me and I appreciate it greatly.”

-nominated by Christina Neidert McKay

Lisa Guerrero

Office of the Vice President for Academic and Learner Services/Provost

Lisa is always so helpful and generous with her knowledge. On the morning of the first day of classes, Lisa was already in the iLOFT building moving all the furniture in the classrooms to ensure a great first day experience for the students and the instructors.  This was not only an effort to make the rooms look nice, but an endeavor to ensure that the students in these classrooms have the best chance for success. Students and instructors alike will never know what the classrooms looked like prior to her effort.  Lisa continuously takes on tasks to help the success of this college.  She is a wonderful, dedicated, hardworking employee.

-nominated by Patty Ferritto

Connie Hitchens

Campus Dining

Connie makes each individual student feel special and that they matter. One day, she assisted a student who was in line to pay at the Marketplace. The student told Connie she was “having a bad day.” Connie said “Things will get better. You need to believe things will get better. We all care about you here at LCCC and we are here to help you. Let me treat you to that coffee.” Connie completely changed the way that student was feeling.

-nominated by Kelly Gruscinski

Tracey Maxwell

Women’s Link

Mari Welch

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

A SAIL student at Midpoint mentioned she only had 55 cents in her checking account and that she needed food, brakes for her car and gas. Lena Knight gave her a “Success Pass” but Mari had even more ideas. She offered to open the food pantry for the student on an off day. Tracey then explained some other options, such as a grant that could help with emergency needs. Tracey worked with the student and got her paperwork ready and met with her when Lena brought her to the Elyria campus. The student mentioned another student who was really struggling and Mari had her pack a bag for the other student. Tracy also met with the student and worked hard to get the grant paperwork done for the DASH grant that allowed her to get her brakes fixed and drive safely to class. Throughout this process, the student kept saying how kind everyone was and that this is what she wants to do when she graduates.

-nominated by Lena Knight

Charles Nichols

Health and Wellness Division

Charles is a person who goes above and beyond with everything he does. He was kind enough to drive boxes out to the simulation center for fellow employee, Mary Grady, when she had no transport service. He didn’t have to do this, but this just demonstrates the kind of person he is. LCCC is very lucky to have him and the Health and Wellness Division is blessed daily by his kindness and work ethic.

-nominated by Mary Grady

Virginia O’Brien

Engineering, Business, and Information Technology

Virginia O’Brien is a wonderful teacher and individual. She is caring, compassionate, and committed to the success of her students. Her willingness to go above and beyond the call of adjunct faculty is exemplary. Ms. O’Brien takes the time to make sure her students understand and know the material. She is often seen working with students outside of class just to make sure they understand the assignments. It is evident that she makes learning easy to understand and is always willing to help as many students as possible. One student explains, “I am so very grateful to her as an instructor.  Her kindness is beyond measure.”

-nominated by Kionna McIntosh-Pharms

Ann Paxton

Desich Smart Center

Ann Paxton has gone way out of her “call of duty” when it came to helping TRAIN Ohio MEMS student Sherry Washington. Sherry said “She has changed my life and she doesn’t even know it, not just on campus but in my everyday life. It’s not just that she has trained me at SMART Microsystems on campus during my internship; it’s that she is caring, non-judgmental, and patient. She has allowed me to grow confidently in what I am learning and has taken me under her wing. Ann simply being herself has opened the door for my growth and new opportunity. Ann is one in a million.”

nominated by Sherry Washington

Eric Skinner

Physical Plant

Eric was very helpful in fellow employee Ronda Leffel in getting a table last minute to promote a new academic program during Welcome Week. A couple of times he arranged for the table to be moved so it had more student exposure and at the end of the day he allowed Ronda to store her items in a convenient space so she did not have to lug them back and forth every day.

-nominated by Ronda Leffel

George Taylor


George helped get Dr. Mark McKinley’s Psychology 251 course converted over to the Canvas online learning environment and helped Dr. McKinley become more comfortable with Canvas so he will be able to run the class this coming fall. This took a lot effort on George’s part. Dr. McKinley’s top-rated class can continue to inspire new students as they take the course in its new format.

-nominated by Don Huffman

Taryn Taylor

Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department

Taryn’s enthusiasm to help others is contagious and drives fellow employee Gina Maxwell to be a better employee to the public and campus community.  She brightens her day with her positive outlook, joyful laugh, and sense of humor.  Taryn truly cares for others and it’s echoed in her job performance.  No matter what the task, Taryn always goes above and beyond to ensure that it’s done well and professionally.  She’s an important part of the HPER team and a valuable asset to LCCC.   

-nominated by Gina Maxwell

Cory Williams

Office of the Vice President for Academic and Learner Services/Provost

Cory helped launch the new LCCC Catalog.  She worked tirelessly to learn the new software and ensure that the new catalog was accurate and complete.  She deserves special recognition for her dedication and collaboration with others on the successful implementation of the new catalog for 2017-2018.

nominated by Rosemary Schestag

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Nominated based on survey comments from our students. 

As part of the on-going commitment to students and their success, the Enrollment, Financial and Career Services department uses a survey that students can access at any time and share comments regarding what worked well and sometimes how we can improve.

The following people were all nominated by Associate Provost Stephanie Sutton for the outstanding student comments on the Student Success Surveys.

Lauren Bieler

Over the last six months, Lauren routinely received good surveys with positive student comments including, “She was very kind and smart. She helped me with all my questions, kept me well-informed and prepared me for all my classes in a timely manner.” Another student said “She was very kind and worked to help me schedule classes that matched up with what I needed to transfer to Ohio State.”

Bernadette Colegrove

Bernadette’s students said, “Instead of taking an impossible algebra class to graduate, Bernadette signed me up for quantitative reasoning. I’ll graduate in fall and I couldn’t be happier.” Another student said “Ms. Colegrove was very helpful. Having never applied to college before, she made the task at hand much easier than I expected. I appreciate her thoughts and made me feel at ease.”

Saundra Daniels

Students said this about Saundra Daniels: “Saundra was very nice and helpful. She helped me with everything I needed before I even asked about it. She’s a very good counselor!” Another student said, “Ms. Daniels was amazing! She helped me figure out what classes I need to begin the RN to BSN program through the University of Akron. After looking through my classes she realized I was one class away from getting my associate of arts degree which she helped me apply for. She was great!”

Jesse Day

One student had this to say about Jesse Day:  “Jesse Day was very patient and extremely helpful during our meeting. I look forward to meeting with him again for any other needs we may have with our daughter who is taking CCP classes at the college.” A student said, “He is an incredibly caring, warm, sincere, honest, and upfront gentleman. I felt very at ease and comfortable with him and I intend to see him more in the future for further counseling and help with my academics.”

Carrie Delaney

“Carrie was very professional and very helpful in helping to lay out a plan to overcome my obstacle,” said one student.  Another student said, “I love Carrie. She’s been with me since the beginning in 2013 and has been such a tremendous help to me through the years. I would have been completely lost without her help and guidance.”

Ursula Delahunty

“I have never felt like everything was going to be okay until I met her. Thank you, Ursula, for all your help,” said this LCCC student.  Another student said, “Ursula Delahunty is my SAIL advisor. She is always very pleasant, warm and caring. She always makes sure that I am on track with my career and is always there to help with any problem if one should arise. She cares very genuinely that my success in college is achieved. I look forward to my meetings with her.”

Laurel Gibbs

One student said, “Laurel was very informative and went beyond just the questions I asked, and gave helpful answers and other career ideas.” Another person commented, “I have seen a couple advisors since transferring to LCCC, but Laurel has definitely been the most welcoming and helpful. She is the reason I will most likely not have to take summer classes to get my associate degree and will instead graduate in the spring. I’m very grateful for our meeting and look forward to having her as my advisor.”   

Jason Gibson

“I’ve seen several counselors and Jason is the best. He is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond,” said one of Jason’s students. Another said, “Jason has helped me through my entire college experience. Being one of the first in my family to go to college, I was very clueless as to how to do anything. Jason was extremely helpful and was always be willing to schedule appointments with me when I felt like I was stuck or there was something I didn’t understand. He was fantastic and very helpful.”  

Allison Groesch

A student had this to say about Allison Groesch: “Allison was very helpful and friendly.” Another student said, “Allison did all that she could to find a class that would interest me from the list of courses in the subject area that I was looking into.”

Sarah Hudson

“Sarah seems to truly enjoy her job. She cares about the students,” said one student.  Another student said, “I love her. She motivates me and gives me good information straight up.”

Cathy Loboda

“Cathy Loboda is such a phenomenal person with an amazing spirit. She always guides me to the right places.” Another student said, “Cathy was very friendly and helped me schedule summer and fall classes. The appointment only took about 30 minutes and I was able to get everything done.”

Lisa Lindblom

Over the last six months, Lisa routinely received good surveys with positive student comments including: “Everything we talked about was made easy for me to understand. I also appreciate the guidance for my class choices.” Another student said, “She was very friendly and got everything I needed help with done. She also helped me make sure my schedule was perfect before I left.”

Arlena Lockard

“Arlena was very sweet and accommodating. She explained everything about my degree in great detail and had a wonderful personality. I would definitely schedule an appointment with her in the future,” said this satisfied student.  Another student said, “She is the best advisor I’ve ever had.”

Janet Maltbie

A new University Partnership student had this to say about Janet Maltbie: “Janet showed me that the organizational leadership bachelor’s degree program would accept my associate degree credits and I believe this degree may be the right one for me.” Another student said, “She was extremely warm and very excited to help me. She was not the least bit rushed or overwhelmed with the amount of credits we had to sort through to get me pointed in the right direction.”

Lindsey Maurer

“I was randomly scheduled with Lindsey,” said one student. “All I knew was that she was an advisor for the health side of majors. She was amazing to both my mother and me.” Another student said, “Lindsey was very kind and helpful. She was willing to listen to me and work with me. I have greatly appreciated everything that all of Enrollment Services has done for me.”

Julie Minarczik

“It was easy to talk to her and by the time I left I was beaming with excitement. Returning to school as an adult can be intimidating, but I truly feel that Julie made this a positive experience for me.” Another student said, “Every time I see her she always goes above and beyond to help me.” 

Suk Ng

“Ms. Ng was very helpful. I had a lot of questions and she answered all of them very thoroughly. She seems to be very knowledgeable and to truly care about a student’s success.” Another student said, “I was treated professionally by everyone involved. She introduced and directed me to specific people that would assist me with my set of issues.”

Greg Northeim

“Greg was proactive at addressing my concerns as well as knowledgeable in the areas I needed guidance in. He was genuinely concerned over an issue I am having in one of my current classes and he showed to me that he wants me to succeed,” according to one student.  Another student said, “Greg was very helpful. He communicated well and answered my questions. Thank you for your time and assistance, Greg!”

Janet Nowak

“Janet Nowak made extra efforts to help me in a hopeless and frustrating situation. We resolved my problems together and I appreciate her efforts.” Another student said, “What I liked about my visit was that I felt confident and got to ask questions about my degree.”

This is actually Janet’s second BIKE Award. She was not able to be with us last year when we recognized a group of employees who raised $6,000 for three of our own LCCC family members who have been impacted by cancer.

Judy Pietch

One student said, “Judy was very informative on the path that I need to follow to complete my degree. I have e-mailed her several times and she is always prompt at responding. I am fortunate to have her as my counselor.” Another student said, “Mrs. Pierce was very helpful and very easy to talk to. She helped me plan out the rest of this semester and my future semesters with LCCC.”

Dennis Walters

“Mr. Walters was extremely helpful with helping me schedule for summer and fall courses. He gave me great insight on what classes I should take and when,” said one student.  Another student said, “Dennis was such a huge help. I went in extremely discouraged after visiting with another community college but Dennis helped me realize I can do this and walked me through the beginning steps.”


Awarded March 10, 2017

Recipient’s Name

Nominator’s Comments

Jamesha Amerson

Allied Health/Nursing and Health, Physical Education and Recreation Division

Jamesha Amerson (center) - Pictured with John Myers and Dr. Ballinger
Jamesha Amerson (center) – Pictured with John Myers and Dr. Ballinger

Jamesha went out of her way to walk a frustrated ITT Nursing student to the University Center office after the student had wandered the campus for more than 30 minutes trying to find Professor Berman’s office.

Instead of risking the chance that the student would get lost again by just pointing her in the direction of the UC building, Jamesha chose to personally escort the student to the UC building. This extra step helped turn a frustrating situation into a positive experience.

Hope Moon

Kelly Gruscinski

Accessibility Services and Social Sciences and Human Services

Kelly Gruscinski
Kelly Gruscinski

A student was in our office for an appointment with Kelly, and mentioned that he was low on food. In fact, he had not eaten anything in two days. Kelly gave him some food she had in her office, and then asked if it would be okay if she bought him a meal. He agreed to this, and she bought him lunch from the Marketplace. Kelly let this student know how much she cared about him and his overall wellbeing.

Kirsten Wall

Dorothy Dolman Johnson

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services; Science and Mathematics Division

Dorothy Dolman Johnson
Dorothy Dolman Johnson (left) – Pictured with Dr. Ballinger

Last spring I attended the Adjunct Faculty Symposium at LCCC.  One of the speakers, Dorothy Dolman Johnson, provided a presentation and materials that greatly influenced the way I teach classes.  Ms. Johnson provided a variety of group inclusion techniques for building team learning in the classroom.  I implemented the ideas in two of my classes using her group teamwork ideas. Yesterday, while leaving class, I encountered a group of students from the previous semester who told me that they have developed friendships and remain in contact on account of the team activities which afforded them an opportunity to meet and work with other students.  They told me that this was the first time they had met and developed friendships with other students.   In a commuter school it is often difficult to meet other students.  The techniques that Ms. Johnson demonstrated allowed these relationships to develop.  I’m sure Ms. Johnson doesn’t even know the impact of her presentation that day.  However, I hope that I can, at least, thank her in at least a small way for improving both the academic and social lives of students on campus.  –

– Audrey Forrest

Sarah Nau

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services

Sarah Nau
Sarah Nau (center) – Pictured with Stephanie Sutton and Dr. Ballinger

I received a phone call today from a parent that took the time to find out who Sarah’s supervisor is to ensure that she was acknowledged for her kindness in going the extra mile. The parent detailed how very helpful Sarah Nau was to her and her child in explaining the somewhat complicated financial aid process and how much she appreciated the good service that Sarah provided.

– Stephanie Sutton


Richard Saplak

Midpoint Campus Center

Richard Saplak
Richard Saplak (center) – Pictured with Lena Knight and Dr. Ballinger

At the same time that I had heard the great story of Espy giving a bike to a student, Rich did the same thing.  The student had lost their transportation and Rich had a bike that his grown kids no longer used, so he brought it in and gave it to this student.  Rich also lends books, that he or his children have kept, to students who have not been able purchase them.  He has given students money for a snack when they are hungry.  He has brought in clothes that his kids do not wear anymore for students.  It is just not a single act that Rich should be recognized for – but for always going above and his continued kindness towards our students.

– Lena Knight

Spaghetti Dinner Benefit

Krista O’Neill, Nancy Mowrey, Kionna McIntosh-Pharms, Melissa Berens, Melynda Coleman-Robinson, Saundra Daniels, Sarah Hudson and Janet Nowak

Enrollment, Financial and Career Services 

Enrollment Services Group
(Left to right) Krista O’Neill, Nancy Mowrey, Kionna McIntosh-Pharms, Melissa Berens, Dr. Marcia Ballinger, Melynda Coleman-Robinson, Saundra Daniels, Sarah Hudson  (Not pictured: Janet Nowak)


There has been a real teamwork atmosphere in our division which has been evident in how our whole division came together to raise over $6,000 for three of our own LCCC family members who have been impacted by cancer.  This effort was spearheaded by a small committee that organized ticket sales, basket donations (we had over 30 baskets), volunteer coordination and cooking dinner and serving over 240 people.   Everyone came together for this cause by either volunteering or attending the dinner.   It was a life-affirming and amazing day and when people work together on something like this the bonds of camaraderie flow over into the daily work and how we work together.   This momentum continued after Nora Burkholder fell and broke her pelvis.  Melissa Berens got the troops into action and now we have an extensive meal chart as well as strong financial donations for carrying out meals and groceries.  We have an awesome and caring team in our division who are not only passionate about helping our students but genuinely care for each other. 

Espy Correa


Awarded at Spring Convocation 2017

Esperanza Correa 

Espy is a Student Success Coach at LCCC. After hearing that Nacho, an LCCC student, was planning to walk a great distance to and from work and school each day, Espy gave him a bike that she had planned to sell. Espy became a game-changer for Nacho by removing a barrier to his success with her own generosity.

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