Campus Ambassadors

Welcome Week

The Office of Student Life/Student Senate and Enrollment Services is looking for volunteers (students, faculty and staff) to serve as Campus Ambassadors during the first two days of the semester to welcome new/returning students and assist them in finding their way around campus.

Volunteers will receive a lime green t-shirt with slogan “GOT QUESTIONS” so you can be easily identified. For each hour you volunteer, your name will be entered into a raffle drawing to win a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD.

Purpose of Campus Ambassadors

Welcome -Commitment –Appreciation

The first purpose of the Campus Ambassador Program is to ensure that students are greeted warmly when they arrive on campus, to welcome them back for a new semester. The second purpose of this program is to provide easy and appropriate directions to class locations so that our students do not become lost or frustrated; this gesture is especially important for new or returning students who are unfamiliar with our campus. By welcoming students onto campus with open-arms, we–the staff, faculty, administration and student leaders of the college clearly demonstrate our commitment to their success and our appreciation of their choice to learn at LCCC.

As a Campus Ambassador, your main tasks will include:

  1. Welcoming new and returning students to LCCC.
  2. Providing students with clear directions to their classes, dining locations, and student services areas.
  3. Distributing literature that provides students with a list of Campus Resources, Student Senate’s Welcome Week activities along with a campus map that provides the most popular targeted areas across campus.
  4. Answering common questions about the college.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to assist our students.

Please follow the link below to sign up.

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