Voice Mail System


Voicemail to Email

Staff and faculty can now receive LCCC voicemail message via email as a .wav file. This will allow you to access and listen to your voicemail messages via your email including outlook, webmail and email apps on your mobile device.

Activate Voicemail via Email

This new feature is activated on an individual basis. Please contact the Help Desk at ext. 4753 or helpdesk@lorainccc.edu and provide your extension and email address.

Remember to Delete Voicemail Messages

Please note that voicemail messages will not delete from your voicemail box until you manually delete your messages or until they expire. A full voicemail box will result in an inability for callers to leave you a message.

To delete old voicemail messages:

  • call in to voicemail at ext. 4000,
  • logon to your voicemail box
  • delete old messages.

Voicemail messages are retained in the system for 60 days after which the contents are deleted. Deleted, new and saved massages are all counted by the voicemail system when calculating the size of your mailbox so you may have to login to your mailbox and delete the deleted if you are close to your limit.


LCCC Voice Mail System Instructions

Printable Pocket Guide
Word document that is formatted to print and fold into a convenient wallet-size reference document.

Quick Reference Guide
Full-size reference card with a flow chart of all system prompts and features.

To log on to your mailbox from your personal campus phone:

  • Dial 4000 or press the message button on the phone.
  • You will be asked to enter your security code. In most cases, this will be the same as your current password.
  • Enter your security code. DO NOT PRESS # after your code. This will prompt the system to change your code.

To log on to your personal mailbox from a campus phone other than your own:

  • Dial 4000 or press the message button from on the phone.
    Press ** and your extension number.

    • The first * will back you out of the mailbox of the phone you are on.
    • The second * lets the system know you’re accessing a mailbox rather than leaving a message.  DO NOT PRESS # after your extension.
    • Enter your security code. DO NOT PRESS # after your code. This will prompt the system to change your code.

To log on to your personal mailbox from off campus:

  • Dial 440-366-4000, 440-365-5222 or 1-800-995-5222.
  • When the system answers:
    • Press * and your extension number. DO NOT PRESS # after your extension.
    • Enter your security code. DO NOT PRESS # after your code. This will prompt the system to change your code.

Transfer a call to voicemail has become much easier.

To transfer a caller into voicemail:

  • Press the Transfer button on your phone.
  • Dial 4000
  • Enter the phone extension number you wish to transfer the caller into followed by #. Then hang up.

Other Important Changes

Passwords (now known as “Security Codes”) are now a minimum of six digits. If you have a four or five digit password programmed in the old system, it will still work.  However, we recommend that it be changed to a six-digit code.

Deleted messages are no longer stored on our system. Once a message is deleted from your mailbox and you hang up, that message is permanently and irretrievably gone.

Any message in your mailbox over 60 days old will be deleted. If you logon to your mailbox, the system will warn you 48 hours prior to deletion. You will then have the option to resave the message.

Message storage limits have been assigned to all mailboxes. When the limit is reached, callers will no longer be able to leave a message. A typical mailbox has a limit of 30 messages. Divisions may be provided with a limit of 40 to 50 messages. Please call the Help Desk with questions regarding specific mailbox limits.

Your primary voice mail greeting has been copied into the new system.  Your alternate greetings have not. If you had an Alternate Greeting recorded, you will have to re-record that greeting as your Out- of-Office Greeting.

Message Waiting lights can only be sent to the primary mailbox (main number on a phone). If you shared a phone or had a message light sent to a secondary phone, this will no longer occur.

If you have questions, please contact the LCCC Help Desk: helpdesk@lorainccc.edu.

Please note that the LCCC voice mail system was upgraded on Friday, March 16.

  • Saved messages did not transfer to the new voice mail system.
  • Any messages that remained in your prior voice mail box will be accessible Until April 17, 2012 through a temporary access number. After 30 days, all remaining messages will be deleted.
  • To access your old voice mail messages:
    • On Campus – Extension 3300
    • Off Campus – 440-366-3300
    • When the system answers, press * (extension number) # and then enter your password and press #
    • You cannot access your old voice mail messages through the college’s main number or 800 number.
  • Your primary voice mail greeting has been transferred to your new voice mail box.   Your alternative greetings have not. Please see instructions below.