Email Protection – LCCC Employees

Prior to April, 2016, LCCC used Iron Port to provide SPAM protection for all LCCC employee email accounts.

This service has been shifted to Microsoft’s Online Protection Services.

This change will impact the following:

Daily Email Notifications Will Change

The daily email notice if applicable, to LCCC email account members regarding incoming emails that have been quarantined as SPAM will change. The new messages will come from Microsoft Online Protection Services instead of the Cisco IronPort Spam Quarantine Notification. 
The actual email quarantine email messages will come from instead of

Releasing Messages From Quarantine

Users will be able to release emails messages that are quarantined from the Quarantine Message similar to have been able to with Cisco Iron Port. 

No Direct Link to Quarantined Messages from Email

Users will no longer have a link with the email message to directly view all of their quarantined messages that they were able to with Cisco Iron Port. The users will be required to access Microsoft Online Protection Services link from an LCCC web site to access their previously quarantined email messages. 
To access the new Microsoft Online Protection Services

  • Click on the link: 
  • Enter your email address ( into the login box. When you click the password box the page will redirect you to the LCCC Login page. 
    **Note: Before the page redirects to the LCCC login page you might get a second option from the Microsoft login page to select which account you want to use. Select the first option marked as “Work or school account” and not the “Personal account” option. 
  • At the LCCC Login Page, enter the userID and password associated with your email account. 
    (User Name example: jsmith) 

Custom Lists No Longer Available

Users who created custom allow and block lists in Iron Port will not longer have access to these custom lists in Exchange Online Protection. Users will not be able to setup custom block or allow lists in Microsoft Protection Services. 

Time Limit for Quarantined Emails

Quarantined emails will only be kept for 15 days in Exchange Online Protection instead of 30 days with Cisco Iron Port. 

Limited Access to Iron Port After Migration

Users will continue to have access to the Iron Port system for a limited time after this migration occurs. The Iron Port system can be accessed at: 

MyMail Webmail Login Page is Changing 

The login page at is going to be updated and will look differently. None of the options change.