The District Board of Trustees held its annual Community Connections session on January 10 featuring Keynote Speaker, David Dodson, President of MDC. (

Lorain County Community College has placed top priority on closing educational and employment achievement gaps that exist among under-resourced, under-represented populations in our community. We have made great progress, but we need your help.

The information below captures many of the ideas shared during our session. Please take this opportunity to help expand this conversation throughout the community.  

Emerging Ideas

Expand College Credit Plus
Currently 43% of high school students in Lorain County graduate with some college credit; that’s up from 20% in 2014.  Expand College Credit Plus so more students have some college credit, industry credential or even an associate degree upon high school graduation.  In doing so, ensure minorities, low income and first-generation students take full advantage.

Upskill Current Workforce
Increase participation and completion among those in our community with only a high school diploma (33% or 49,000 Lorain Countians) or some college no degree (21% or 40,000 Lorain Countians) to align with high-demand jobs.

Lift Under-Resourced, Under-Served Populations
Ensure under-resourced, under-represented populations access and complete post-secondary credential and are prepared for and connected to high-demand, high-wage jobs.

Employer-Talent Connections
Create robust matching system between employers and skilled talent.

How You Can Help

  1. Use the form below to connect us with others (individuals, groups, employers) who need to hear this information and get engaged.  We are delighted to make this presentation to small groups out in our community and your willingness to make that connection and invitation would be extremely helpful.  
  2. Get involved by identifying areas below where you want to help move this from conversation to action. Please also feel free to share any other ideas you have that are not listed below.  


Realities and Challenges

Reality.  65% of Jobs by 2025 will require a post-secondary credential.  Only 34% of Lorain County’s working age population (ages 25 to 64) have a post-secondary credential. 

Challenge:  Raise educational attainment to close this gap, while aligning to high-demand jobs that pay a living wage.

Reality: Poverty is a generational issue in Lorain County, especially among our minority populations.  Having a post-secondary credential significantly increases one’s likelihood of moving out of poverty.

Challenge:   Raise educational and career attainment among Lorain County’s most under-resourced, under-represented populations, recognizing the need to break down many cultural, community, environmental and economic barriers.

Reality:  Employers cite lack of skilled workforce as a significant barrier to company growth; this situation is made more challenging as baby boomers approach retirement age.

Challenge:  Align talent base with employer needs and foster a direct connection between talent and jobs.

More Information

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