Nominate Your Favorite Instructor


Do you have a favorite instructor?  Is there someone who teaches here at Lorain County Community College who deserves to be acknowledged for his or her teaching style, student engagement, or service to the College?

If so, nominate him or her for one of the LCCC Foundation Faculty Awards. 



All nominations will be considered for eligibility based on required criteria. The nominee must be a tenured faculty member or tenure track faculty member. Evidence must be provided in response to the questions below.

Nominees who do not win may be nominated in following years.


Prior Award Recipients

All LCCC Foundation Faculty Excellence Awardees (full-time) since 1994

All LCCC Foundation Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Awardees (part-time) since 2002



Due:  Thursday, April 1, 2021

Please complete the online form or PDF forms below.

There are two types of awards granted:


To learn whether an instructor is full-time or part-time, simply call (440) 366-4052 or send an inquiry to


  • If you need assistance in obtaining two letters of support for the Full-Time Faculty Nominee, you may contact the division dean for assistance.
  • If you prefer hard copies of the criteria and forms, you may obtain copies in any division office.
  • Questions? Contact any division office or the office of Academic Affairs and University Partnership at (440) 366-4052.   


  • Name of Faculty Member being nominated:
  • Nominated by:
  • Nomination Criteria

    The following criteria are to be used holistically, not weighted or given points. Nominees do not have to meet all four criteria since a faculty member may excel in fewer than four criteria in such a way as to merit the award.
  • Describe classroom teaching, innovations in educational practice, or curriculum development for outstanding and successful learning experience for students.
  • Describe examples of commitment to professional development.
  • Describe participation in events and practices that improve the education environment of our students.
  • Describe examples of responding to the changing educational needs of the community.
  • Nominator should also attach two additional letters of support from inside or outside of the College as well as any other supporting documentation deemed appropriate to the Office of Academic and Learner Services.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, jpg, pdf, docx.