The Lorain County Community College Faculty Senate was established to provide quality education to students, promote the values of higher education, strengthen the faculty’s commitment to their disciplines, and participate in the shared governance of the college. 

The membership of the Faculty Senate includes all full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty. The officers include president, vice president, treasurer, and other officers as the Faculty Senate may deem necessary to conduct its business.

The Faculty Senate Executive Council (FSEC) is the executive body of the Faculty Senate. The FSEC establishes policies and procedures to accomplish its purpose, subject to the approval of the Faculty Senate. The FSEC consists of the officers and the elected divisional representatives of the Faculty Senate. 


Faculty Senate Executive Council 2022-2023 


Faculty Senate President
Rob Loftis (Arts and Humanities)

Faculty Senate Vice President
Maria McConnell (Engineering, Business and Information Technologies)

Faculty Senate Treasurer
Ana Parrilla (Health and Wellness Sciences)


Arts and Humanities
Tammy Bosley
Joshua Eiskamp
Gerald Evans
Byoung Park

Engineering, Business and Information Technologies
Larry Atkinson
Lee Kolczun
Nate Neeland

Health and Wellness Sciences
Gary Greathouse
Adrienne Holliday
Teresa LaGuardia
Ana Parrilla
Christine Taylor

Science and Mathematics
James Beil
Kathryn Dobeck
Erin Hardy (Spring Semester)
Monroe Kennedy (Fall Semester)

Social Sciences and Human Services
Michelle Foust
Aldena Harris
Henry Patterson

Teaching and Learning Support
Mike Substelny

Adjunct Faculty Representative
Heather Shepard


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