All LCCC Foundation Faculty Excellence Award Presented since 1994

Note: Previous Recipients are not eligible.

The 1994 awardees were Prof. James Blahnik and Prof. Marilyn Valentino.

The 1995 awardees were Prof. Larita Kaspar and Prof. Thomas Annable.

The 1996 awardee was Dr. Annouska Remmert.

There was no award presented in 1997.

The 1998 awardee was Prof. Dennis Ryan.

The 1999 awardee was Prof. Beverly Witman.

The 2000 awardee was Prof. Hikmat Chedid.

The 2001 awardees were Prof. Jeff Koleno and Prof. John Myers.

The 2002 awardee was Dr. Carlyn Cahill.

The 2003 awardees were Mr. James Keske and Ms. Pat Sedlak.

The 2004 awardees were Ms. Craig Peneff and Ms. Chris Sheetz.

The 2005 awardees were Kevin Hoskinson and Dr. Janis Thompson.

The 2006 awardees were Dr. Cheryl Piper and Lisa Sheppard.

The 2007 awardee was Dr. Marilyn Valentino.

The 2008 awardees were Ms. Aimee Dickinson and Dr. Aldena Francisco-Harris.

The 2009 awardees were Ms. Laurie Grimes and Dr. Harry Kestler.

The 2010 awardees were Ms. Jennifer Kukis and Dr. Vincent Granito.

The 2011 awardees were Ms. Dorothy Johnson and Ms. Susan Paul.

The 2012 awardees were Dr. Ruby Beil and Ms. Maria McConnell.

The 2013 awardees were Dr. Dan Cleary and Ms. Pat Schrull.

The 2014 awardees were Ms. Claudia Lubaski and Ms. Michelle Yuhasz.

The 2015 awardees were Dr. Mary Jo DiGiandomenico and Ms. Dawn Sgro.

The 2016 awardees were Dr. Kathryn Durham and Dr. Regan Silvestri.

The 2017 awardees were Dr. Mary Grady and Ms. Kathryn Dobeck

The 2018 awardees were Mr. Michele Henes and Mr. Glenn Vasiloff

The 2019 awardees were Dr. Michelle Foust and Ms. Heather Bubnick

The 2020 awardees were Dr. Nanci Berman and Mr. J. Mark Harms

The 2021 awardees were Dr. Lisa Augustine and Dr. James Beil

The 2022 awardees were Mr. David Astorino and Dr. Jewon Woo