All research involving human subjects conducted at Lorain County Community College must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to protect the rights and safety of persons participating in research, while safeguarding the academic freedom of researchers. 

Individuals must be able to demonstrate sufficient training in human subjects research by providing  a copy of their current training certificate as part of the below application form.  If you have not participated in an approved training, Lorain County Community College provides a free, web-based human research protections training.  Please see the below instructions to access this training.

  • Go to the CCTS Training Center website.
  • Click “Register” (top right hand corner). Select “I am not from UIC.”
  • Complete the registration form. When asked to select a site, select Lorain County Community College
  • Click “Register” to finish
  • Visit the Course Catalog. Information about CIRTification will appear.  Click “Learn More” and “Enroll” to enroll in CIRTification

The institutional review board at Lorain County Community College is registered with the Federal Office of Human Research Protection. 

Committee Members

Vincent Granito, Chair
(440) 366-4707

Denise M. Douglas
(440) 366-7239

Institutional Review Board Review Request Form

Please complete the form below to request a review of your research project.