An image of the Pride FlagsIn support of Vision 2020 Priority 3: Inspire Community Engagement, Connectivity, Diversity and Wellness, Lorain County Community College is proud to be a beacon of diversity and inclusion in Loran County. To continue to raise awareness for LGBTQ+ students and staff, the Human Resources Office, and Sexual Orientation and Gender Equity (SOGE) Committee are partnering once to provide the following training opportunity:

The SafeZone Workshop is a two-hour training that aims to increase knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community, understanding of vocabulary, and issues within the community and higher education. The goal is to create a visible network of allies who are committed to creating a community of respect and dignity for LGBTQ+ students, staff, faculty, and others. Participants will explore and investigate gender, sexuality, and privilege as a part of this training.

For details on the Sexual Orientation and Gender Equity (SOGE) Committee, email

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