Our good deeds make a big difference. 

If you catch someone in the act (of kindness), nominate them for the BIKE Award.

The BIKE Award
The BIKE Award


in every student…for they have a dream.


every student to achieve their greatest potential

be Kind

for the smallest gesture of kindness could mean the difference in success or failure for that student.


every student by taking action to help break down every barrier to success. 

The BIKE pin originated with a single act of kindness initiated by Espy Correa, a Student Success Coach. After hearing that Nacho, an LCCC student, was planning to walk a great distance to and from work and school each day, Espy gave him a bike that she had planned to sell. Espy became a game-changer for Nacho by removing a barrier to his success with her own generosity. 

Past Bike Award Recipients


Nominate Someone for the BIKE Award

If you catch someone being exceptionally kind and generous, or going out of their way to help our students, complete the form below to nominate them for the BIKE Award.