The Health, Physical Education & Recreation Program facilities may be rented for sports-related activities. The availability of these facilities varies each term depending upon the schedule of HPER Program classes.

Requests must be made by completing a Facility Rental Request Form. A separate form is required for each date requested. Verbal requests cannot be honored. Requests must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to each event.

  • Facility Rental Requests are honored on a first come, first serve, and space-available basis.
  • Confirmation/denial of the Facility Rental Request is emailed or sent via USPS mail to the sponsoring address listed on the Facility Rental Request Form.
  • Rental group leaders are responsible for knowing and enforcing all LCCC policies and procedures outlined in this brochure.
  • The HPER Division reserves the right to terminate any rental activities not abiding by Lorain County Community College’s established rules & regulations.

Indoor Facilities

HPER Programs provide facility set-up. The facility is not available to the user group until the scheduled time and when the group leader is present. The HPER Building Supervisor provides access to the facilities.

HPER reserves the right to adjust the rental schedule to meet the needs of HPER or LCCC Sponsored events.

Ewing Center Field House

  • Four interchangeable courts (tennis, volleyball, two basketball courts, soccer, softball, golf, etc.)
  • Total size: 125′ x 225′
  • Single court areas: 125′ x 56′
  • 30′ high ceiling
  • Divider curtains to separate courts
  • Bleachers are not available
  • Mondo multisport surface
  • Basketball backboards, tennis/volleyball nets, and standards are available upon request (sports balls not available)
  • Sports curtain available for backdrop on Court D only
  • Spitting, profanity, radios, food/beverages, and bouncing basketballs/volleyballs against the walls is prohibited

 Indoor Track

  • Three-lane, 200 meter track with banked corners
  • Mondo running track surface; 8 laps = 1 mile
  • Two stretching areas in corners
  • Hurdle events not permitted on track


  • Varsity Gym size is 80′ x 120′; Short Court size (north and south) is 80′ x 60′ each with a 24′ high ceiling
  • Seating capacity is 500
  • Divider curtain can partition off courts
  • Wood floor
  • Varsity Gym has space for one basketball and one volleyball court with bleacher seating or two short basketball courts, three volleyball courts or one short basketball court and one volleyball court with no bleachers
  • Short court has space for one basketball court or one volleyball court with no bleachers
  • Basketball backboards and volleyball standards and nets are available upon request
  • PROHIBITED:  Spitting, profanity, dunking, food and beverages

Outdoor Facilities

User groups may use the facilities at requested times. The group leader must see that all LCCC rules and regulations are followed. Maintenance of outdoor facilities is seasonal and subject to good weather and maintenance priorities.

Outdoor Tennis Courts

  • Six regulation size courts available
  • Courts are not lit for night play
  • LCCC classes, intramural sports, recreation activities and events take priority

Cross Country Course

  • Certified 5k, 3.1 mile grass course
  • All activities on the college campus are open at all times for inspection by any college official

General Rules

  • Abuse of college facilities may result in denial of future facility requests.
  • Authorization is given for entrance to specific facilities only as approved and indicated on the Facility Rental Form.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs in college buildings or on college grounds is not permitted. The individual signing the application form is responsible for the enforcement of regulations.
  • Facility users may only have access and use of court(s) requested and approved.
  • Activities or groups which exclude persons on the basis of age, color, religion, handicap, national origin, race or sex, are not permitted.
  • Gambling, games of chance, raffles, and the sale of tickets for such activities are prohibited on college property.
  • No applicant may sublet any facilities covered by a facility request.  Approved applications are for specific hours and dates.
  • College furniture, apparatus, and/or equipment must not be removed, altered, or displaced without permission from an authorized college employee.
  • Materials used for decorations must be flame proof. Decorations must be removed and the facility left in the same condition as previous.
  • Approval for use of any college facility may be revoked by the college in an emergency when the use interferes with regular college use, when facilities are misused, or when rules are violated.
  • Permits will not be renewed if revoked for misuse.
  • Promotional and advertising materials used or distributed on college premises must be approved by the appropriate campus official prior to distribution.
  • All such materials including directional signs must be removed immediately after the event and may not be affixed to painted surfaces.


  • Individuals and/or groups using the college facilities, grounds and/or equipment are jointly and severally liable for any and all loss or damage to facilities, grounds and/or equipment.
  • The applicant must become familiar with the physical condition of the college facilities or grounds to be used. The college makes no representation whatsoever regarding the condition of the college facilities, grounds and/or equipment; and the college is not liable for any latent or patent defects therein.
  • The rental group leader and all participants will hold the college harmless at all times from any claims or damage on account of injury to anyone using the college facilities, grounds and/or equipment in connection with the function sponsored or operated by the applicant, and/or growing out of their use and occupancy of the said facilities/grounds, or through any defect in said premises, including sidewalks, roadways, and /or parking lot areas adjoining the same and use or operation thereof.
  • Any personal property in the college facilities or on college grounds is kept at the risk of the persons bringing it thereon.
  • The College is not liable for any damage to said personal property of the applicant, or anyone using the facilities/grounds in connection with the function sponsored or operated by the applicant arising from the incident or neglect of any other person whatsoever.
  • Youth or children’s groups must be supervised by responsible adults provided by the sponsoring organization.
  • The applicant granted approval for use of any college facility is responsible for the conduct of its participants, patrons, or guests.


  • Groups must pay their rental fee on the day of their rental prior to the start of the activity.
  • Cash is not accepted.
  • Payment must be submitted to the Building Supervisor in the form of a check or money order.
  • Groups are not permitted to conduct their activity unless payment is received as outlined above.
  • Groups invoiced after their rental are due to make payment immediately upon receipt of the invoice.
  • Groups failing to follow through with this procedure are unable to continue to rent the facilities.

Facility Rental Cancellations

In the event the group decides to cancel the rental, they must contact HPER Programs at least 24 hours in advance of the event or they may be charged. Rental groups are financially responsible for any missing or damaged equipment as well as damage to facilities.

Emergency Closing Procedures

If, due to weather or other uncontrollable circumstances, the College cannot open as scheduled, the College will notify the group representative listed on the Facility Rental Request Form of the cancellation of the event.  It is then the responsibility of the group representative to notify the participants of cancellation. Arrangements should be made ahead of time to handle this information (e.g., radio contacts, phone, etc.),

Rental Rates

Indoor Facilities

Gymnasium: $40 non-profit; $125 for-profit

Fieldhouse (4 courts): $40 per court non-profit;  $125 per court for-profit

Batting Cage (Court D) $15 non-profit; $60 for-profit

Track: $16.50 non-profit; $66 for-profit

Classroom: $7 non-profit; $28 for-profit

Lobby Area & Restrooms: $25 non-profit; $25 for-profit

Staff Outside Normal Operating Hours: $15 Building Supervisor, $8.55 per Student Staff

Outdoor Facilities

Soccer Fields (per date): $40 non-profit; $64 for-profit

Soccer Fields (per Season*): $60 non-profit; $96 for-profit

Tennis Courts (per date): $40 non-profit; $64 for-profit

Tennis Courts (per season*): $60 non-profit; $96 for-profit

Cross Country Course (per date): $40 non-profit; $64 for-profit

Cross Country Course (per season*): $60 non-profit; $96 for-profit

*Season Dates:

  • Spring: March 1 – June 15
  • Summer: June 16 – July 31
  • Fall: August 1 – November 30

(*Season is four or more games, meets or matches.)

Seasonal reservations are invoiced at the conclusion of the season while reservations for specific dates are invoiced within two weeks of completion of the event.