June 2022

Dennis Szegedy

“Don’t give up”

Dennis Szegedy

May 2022

Mike Wetzel

“Set aside time in the day and show up. Make it [exercise] your lifestyle.”

Mike Wetzel


April 2022

Andrea Jewells

“I don’t consider this “exercise” but a form of “physical therapy.” After having hip replacement surgery in 2020; my physical therapist stated in 2021 that there was nothing more they could do as far as strength and balance training. The hip was functioning the way it should but I lacked muscle strength and balance. Therefore, it was up to me to take charge and become my own advocate and make decisions of what I needed to do next for my own self care. The following day, my sister saw an article about LCCC getting a SILVERSNEAKERS program. I was so excited and motivated that I signed up the next day. And it’s been a serious journey from that point on.”


January 2022

Neil Lunch

“Commitment to your health is just as important as commitments to our family, work, and relationships.” – Neil Lynch


February 2022

“Be consistent and patient with your progress. Create a training plan and stick to it. You don’t need motivation, you need discipline.” – Aaron Weiss