Body Composition Testing


The BOD POD measures body composition fast and accurately using air displacement technology.

  BOD POD Highlights

  • Air displacement is used to determine body volume, body density, and body composition
  • Determines the percentage of body fat by calculating how much air is displaced by the person sitting inside the chamber
  • Has good test-retest reliability
  • Studies show accuracy in correlation with under-water weighing










Proper Attire

  • Tight fitting shorts and sports bra,
  • One or two-piece bathing suit, or
  • Spandex shorts or Speedo
  • A provided swim cap

Improper Attire

  • Jewelry
  • Loose clothing

Activities to be Avoided

  • Eating or drinking 2 hours prior
  • Exercise 2 hours prior


Call Records at (440) 366-4067 to sign up for the following section:

NHLH 107 – DE08 (5084): 1 assessment ($35)

To schedule a test, contact Taryn Taylor at

BOD POD assessments expire at the end of the semester in which they were purchased.  There will be no refunds.

BOD POD Brochure