The BOD POD measures body composition fast and accurately using air displacement technology.

BOD POD Highlights

  • Air displacement is used to determine body volume, body density, and body composition
  • Determines the percentage of body fat by calculating how much air is displaced by the person sitting inside the chamber
  • Has good test-retest reliability
  • Studies show accuracy in correlation with under-water weighing


Proper Attire

  • Tight fitting shorts and sports bra,
  • One or two-piece bathing suit, or
  • Spandex shorts or Speedo
  • A provided swim cap

Improper Attire

  • Jewelry
  • Loose clothing

Activities to be Avoided

  • Eating or drinking 2 hours prior
  • Exercise 2 hours prior

Registration and Scheduling 

Wellness Session Registration

After registration, contact Kathryn Orantek at to schedule an assessment.  

BOD POD assessments expire at the end of the semester in which they were purchased.  There will be no refunds.