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Lorain County Community College offers practical, affordable and career-focused learning. And we do it on a campus that is safe, approachable, energetic and fun. 

Your success is our top priority, and we’re proud to be named the top community college in the country for Excellence in Student Success by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). 

Whether you’re looking for a four-year or advanced degree, an associate degree to get you started in the work world, specific skills for your current job, a return to the workforce, a career change or lifelong learning to satisfy your intellectual curiosity … LCCC is your community college.

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The Right Programs for a Great Career

Whether you’ve selected your major or not, you can get started today at LCCC.

If you have a career in mind, it’s pretty likely we have a program to get you there. We offer a wide variety of certificates and degrees—from short-term certificates that provide practical job skills, one-year certificates that improve your marketability and two-year associate degrees – not to mention our transfer and University Partnership opportunities. We are also proud to be Ohio’s first community college to offer a bachelor’s degree. At LCCC, you can learn everything from accounting to web development and from creative arts to electronic engineering.

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Affordable Tuition

College is expensive. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s an investment you can’t afford to skip. Instead, make it wisely, and pick an affordable option that works for you.

LCCC is much more affordable than traditional education options. Our tuition rates are significantly lower than four-year schools and are among the lowest of two-year schools in the country. We work hard to minimize additional costs.

Many students at LCCC are also eligible for federal financial aid including Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Direct Loans, Work Study and more. You may be eligible for financial aid even while going to school part time.

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees on LCCC’s Campus

Lorain County Community College and its University Partnership (UP) are the best value in higher education. Through this program, you may earn one of the more than 100 bachelor’s or master’s degrees from one of 14 Ohio four-year colleges, but you do your coursework right on the campus of LCCC, paying significantly reduced tuition. With the UP, you get a bachelor’s or master’s degree backed by a four-year university while staying close to home and saving thousands of dollars.

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Transfer Easily to Another College or University

If you want to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree, LCCC is the right place to start. Our Program and Career Pathways allow you to explore career options within a broad field, so you’re not paying higher tuition rates only to switch your major and find that some of those expensive classes “don’t count.” Our small class sizes, online learning options, and flexible schedules allow you to learn at your own pace and get a feel for college life before moving away from home, and under Ohio law, many of the courses in our applied degree programs transfer easily to Ohio public colleges and universities.

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A Vibrant Campus

We are your community college. And your community is thriving. While the LCCC campus is small, it’s safe, friendly, inviting and full of energy. We offer a full range of student clubs and organizations, sportsrecreation, arts and theater and leadership opportunities. Our campus also features modern computer labs, an on-campus bookstore and fabulous dining options. You’ll always feel welcome here.

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Real-World Work Experience

While we believe in the value of a well-rounded education and creating life-long learners, we also want to make sure your classes help you hit the ground running. Many of our programs are designed to give you the option of gaining on-the-job experience as part of your education by completing co-ops and internships. Not only will you learn valuable skills in the classroom, you’ll also have plenty of opportunity to to build your resume and get real-world, hands-on experience in your field.

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